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Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Sep 3, 2014

What Social is Saying About dmexco, One Week Away!

The Digital Marketing Exposition and Conference, or dmexco, is a huge international event for the digital marketing industry.  It kicks off in one week in Cologne, Germany, and we’re here to fill you in on the buzz on social...
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Cate Farrall | Build Strategy - Aug 28, 2014

Digimind Intelligence Product Update: Expanded URL Store & Tags

The URL Store The URL Store is a ready-to-use set of URLs for RSS feeds that you can track very easily. Using the tags in the store, you can quickly create a targeted pack of sources, and then give these packs to agents who...
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Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Aug 14, 2014

Digimind Gears up for dmexco 2014

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Cate Farrall | Build Strategy - Jul 9, 2014

The Many Languages of Digimind & Our Clients

Digimind has clients from all over the world: China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Morocco, the Netherlands, Taiwan, the UK, the US, to name just a few.
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Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Apr 9, 2014

Your Competitive Intelligence Food Groups

Give your company a health-kick! Beach season is on it's way, and if your company is starting to look tired and out of shape then it may be time to get serious about your health. As in life, the health of a company must be...
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Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Mar 27, 2014

Digimind Talks Big Data at the MIT Global Startup Workshop

MIT’s annual Global Startup Workshop (MIT GSW), the world’s premier workshop dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and building entrepreneurial ecosystems globally, was held this year in Marrakech, Morocco. Every year, the...
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Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Dec 5, 2013

Award-Winning Social Intelligence At a Glance

“Awesome”, “Exceptional”, “Very very intuitive”...these are just some of the words used to describe our award-winning social intelligence software, Digimind Social. Check out the highlights from our winning iStrategy pitch.
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Cate Farrall | Build Strategy - Jul 16, 2013

How to create the best deliverable for a competitive intelligence project

CI projects revolve around the need for information. Thus, delivering relevant and well packaged information to the people who requested it is of utmost important.
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Cate Farrall | Build Strategy - Jul 4, 2013

Different Shades of Big Data

The ethics of competitive intelligence monitoring For anyone whose job includes collecting and storing information, it’s crucial to know where to draw the line between what is ethically acceptable and what is plain illegal....
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Cate Farrall | Infographic - Jul 2, 2013

How to Map Sources for a Competitive Intelligence Project

An important step in setting up a CI project is to work out where to look for the information you will need to meet your objectives. The best way to do this is to create a map of useful sources.
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