9 min read Luxury-marketing-strategies-for-managing-brand-reputation-on-social-media (1)
Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Apr 1, 2019

Luxury Marketing Strategies for Managing Brand Reputation on Social Media

Luxury marketing has long revolved around sustaining a brand’s status as an icon of wealth and success. However, recent developments around the world pose significant obstacles to sustaining sales and driving growth. These...
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6 min read dumpkellogs
Jerome Maisch | Community Manager - Dec 7, 2016

#DumpKelloggs: When Brand Reputation and Political Sentiment Clash on Social Media

Just this past Tuesday, Bretibart declared war on Kellogg's major cereal brand. The latter pulled the trigger on their advertising campaign with Breitbart, stating that the media outlets values are not aligned with the...
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10 min read shoppingbags
Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Nov 1, 2016

20 Twitter accounts to follow in the retail sector

Who doesn't love retail? It is the powerhouse of almost every economy. Each and everyday consumers spend billions of dollars on food products, household items, clothing, beauty products and so much. Because of that, we thought...
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