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CYL - Mar 11, 2024

APAC Spotlight: Exclusive Insights into Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour Singapore

As Taylor Swift concludes the Asian leg of her The Eras Tour with an exclusive gig in Singapore, it's more than just a final act—it's the closing note of a journey that began with the initial tour announcement. This conclusion not only wraps up a series of performances but also encapsulates the evolving story that unfolded since the tour was first introduced.


From the lightning-fast sellout of $50,000 luxury ticket packages to fans humorously dubbing their spots outside the National Stadium as "Cat 1000 seats," Taylor Swift mania has truly swept through the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. 


Here are some of the highlights of this defining tour:



(Gold) Rush: The Eras Tour Announcement

On June 2023, Taylor Swift unveiled the dates for her international tour, marking a significant announcement for fans around the world. This revelation sets the stage for anticipation and excitement as followers eagerly anticipate the opportunity to witness her live performances on a global scale.

Volume of Social Mentions about Taylor Swift's Eras Tour


The resonance of this announcement echoed through various social media platforms, leading to a remarkable surge of nearly 105% in Taylor Swift-related mentions. The collective mentions skyrocketed to an impressive 4 million, amplifying the reach and influence of the news across a broad spectrum of social media users.


Additionally, this surge in engagement contributed to an estimated audience of over 40 million people, underscoring the global impact and widespread excitement generated by Taylor Swift's international tour announcement. 


The international tour announcement not only signals a major milestone for Taylor Swift but also sparks enthusiasm and buzz among fans worldwide who eagerly await the chance to experience her music in a live concert setting.



Key Concepts of Social Mentions about Taylor Swift's Eras Tour


Naturally, key concepts that have occurred include ticketing queries. Interestingly, there was a notable focus on Chan Chun Sing, the Minister for Education of Singapore, with repeated requests for him to formally designate concert days as official school holidays. And in response, he humorously offered a tongue-in-cheek-reply: 



Needless to say, for other Swifties, being faced with an unprecedented demand for tickets, numerous fans and prospective concert-goers eagerly took proactive steps to increase their chances of securing coveted seats.



A popular strategy employed by these enthusiasts involved signing up for a UOB credit card, a strategic move aimed at gaining an additional opportunity to ensure attendance at the highly anticipated concert.



The Great (Ticketing) War


Volume of Social Mentions about Taylor Swift's Eras Tour during Ticketing Sales


The anticipation for Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour was palpable as pre-sale tickets became available to United Overseas Bank (UOB) card members on Wednesday, July 5, starting at 12 pm. UOB, one of Singapore's top three banking groups – paved the way for future brands to partner with global artists at this scale – rewarded cardholders with priority to the tour's presale access.


The response was overwhelming, with reports indicating that within just 10 minutes of the pre-sale opening, the virtual queue amassed over a million participants. 


The rush to secure tickets continued as AEG Presents Asia, the event organizer, took to Twitter around 3 pm to share the news that pre-sale tickets for all six nights of the concert, scheduled from March 2 to 4 and 7 to 9, 2024, had completely sold out, resulting in a 142% increase in online mentions regarding the general sales.




Key Concepts of Social Mentions about Taylor Swift's Eras Tour during Ticketing Sales

This swift sell-out not only attests to the immense popularity of Taylor Swift but also highlights the fervent enthusiasm among UOB cardholders. Notably, during this period, discussions began to surface, subtly indicating emerging concerns. Individuals who were unsuccessful in obtaining concert tickets through official channels started exploring unofficial avenues, as evidenced by the emergence of terms such as "wtb/wts" (want to buy/want to sell). Additionally, the mention of "beware" suggests a growing awareness of potential scams, with online users cautioning others about the risks associated with counterfeit tickets.



A Long Time Coming: Eras Tour SG


Finally, The Eras Tour arrived in Singapore, spanning from March 2 to 9, creating a significant buzz on social media, with an impressive level of engagement and reach. A staggering 3.68 million people actively discussed the event, contributing to a total of 8 million mentions across various platforms. The estimated social media reach soared to an impressive 130 million, indicating the widespread impact and resonance of Taylor Swift's concert in the digital realm.



Volume of Social Mentions about Taylor Swift's Eras Tour during The Eras Tour SG


The pinnacle of this online conversation occurred on March 4, fueled by the moment when Lisa from BLACKPINK made an appearance at Taylor's concert.



This unexpected sighting led to a remarkable 227% increase in social media activity, showcasing the power of such unexpected and exciting moments in driving online engagement. 



Key Concepts of Social Mentions about Taylor Swift's Eras Tour during The Eras Tour SG


The Eras Tour's exclusive stop in Singapore has become a focal point of attention,  drawing considerable interest from concert-goers, and sparking discussions not only within the city-state but also among officials from neighboring countries. The decision to make Singapore the sole Southeast Asian destination for the tour has led to expressions of concern regarding the perceived "unfairness" of this exclusive arrangement and, consequently, contributed to a marginal percentage of negative sentiment online.

This monopoly on tour stops has prompted officials from neighboring nations to voice their sentiments, raising questions about equitable access to such high-profile cultural events. The discussions highlight the broader impact of Taylor Swift's tour decisions, transcending the realm of entertainment and intersecting with diplomatic and cultural considerations within the Southeast Asian region. The unique nature of this tour stop has become a topic of conversation, shedding light on the complex dynamics surrounding the distribution of global entertainment experiences in the region.

Regrettably, alongside the positive buzz surrounding The Eras Tour in Singapore, there has been an influx of negative mentions about scams. Keywords like "victim," "scammed," "telegram," "NBI cybercrime," "city security," and "denied entry" have emerged, pointing to the presence of fraudulent activities and security concerns associated with the event. 

The overwhelming demand for tickets has created an undesirable situation. Some users, eager to secure their spots, have resorted to unofficial channels, particularly on platforms like Telegram. Our social listening data suggest that these unofficial channels have become breeding grounds for scalpers and bots, leading to the resale of tickets at exorbitant prices. This not only jeopardizes the integrity of the ticketing process but also raises security issues, prompting concerns about the overall experience and safety of attendees.


Not the End Game

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour is a prime example of a high-demand event, and our social listening data reveals that such occasions are susceptible to various risks stemming from subtle signals.

Social listening, as a proactive approach, plays a crucial role in crisis aversion and risk management as it empowers us to respond swiftly to these signals, allowing for the implementation of targeted crisis management strategies. Timely intervention, such as issuing warnings about counterfeit tickets, clarifying official channels for ticket purchases, and addressing concerns raised by fans, can help mitigate the impact of potential issues.

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