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CYL - Mar 27, 2024

What Do Insurance and K-pop Have in Common?

K-pop has undeniably emerged as a cultural force that transcends borders and captivates audiences worldwide. Since its inception, It has steadily gained momentum, propelled by chart-topping songs, dynamic choreography, and visually stunning performances.

Despite their seemingly disparate nature, the vibrant world of K-pop and the traditionally conservative realm of insurance share unexpected parallels and synergies. The connection may not be readily apparent at first glance, but a deeper examination reveals how these two industries intersect and complement each other. However, Digimind's latest report delves into this intriguing intersection, shedding light on the unexpected synergy between insurance and K-pop.





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Key Concepts of Social Mentions about Allianz


Allianz emerged as a prominent figure, commanding the highest volume of hashtags across various platforms. What was intriguing was the diverse spectrum of topics encapsulated within the top 10 hashtags associated with the Allianz brand. Two distinct themes stood out: insurance-related discussions, including agency and old age insurance, and the vibrant world of K-pop.


Delving deeper into the intersection of these hashtags revealed an interesting narrative, particularly around the iconic #AllianzParque (also known as the Arena #Palmeiras) situated in the heart of Sao Paulo. It was here that the convergence of insurance and entertainment took center stage, fueled by the presence of Twice, a globally renowned South Korean girl group.

The phenomenon surrounding Twice's fifth world tour (#twice_5th_world_tour, #트와이스) ignited a fervor among fans and enthusiasts alike, resulting in online social chatter to surround the Allianz Parque with that of Twice. 



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Key Concepts of Social Mentions about Aviva


Similarly, the Aviva brand is prominently associated with the Aviva Stadium, nestled in Dublin, Ireland. This is highlighted by the abundance of hashtags related to the Aviva Stadium in the top 10 list of Aviva hashtags.


Concerts held at the Aviva Stadium, notably featuring global music icon Taylor Swift, generated significant traction across social media platforms, contributing to heightened anticipation and engagement among audiences. Despite the concert not taking place yet, there has been a substantial online conversation, mostly on ticketing resales. 

Simultaneously, the Aviva Stadium is commonly known for sporting events, particularly rugby and football. The fervent support surrounding rugby tournaments like the Six Nations Championship and the national rugby team was palpable through hashtags such as #TeamOfUs and #MatchDaySorted, reflecting the stadium's integral position within Ireland's sporting fabric. Additionally, the stadium garnered attention from football fans worldwide, exemplified by hashtags like #MUFC (Manchester United), showcasing the global appeal of sporting events hosted at the Aviva Stadium.


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Key Concepts of Social Mentions about Prudential


In the realm of American insurance, the brand association with the flagship Prudential Center in Newark, a versatile indoor arena, is unmistakable. Throughout the year, social media buzz surrounding Korean pop stars dominates the top spots in hashtags associated with the venue.



Notably, the group Enhypen commands significant attention with hashtags such as #enhypen, #en_worldtour_fate, #enhypentickets, and #fate_in_newark, indicating a fervent fan base eagerly anticipating their performances at the Prudential Center.

Furthermore, members of the globally renowned boy band BTS, namely #Suga and #Jungkook, also captivate audiences, adding to the allure of events hosted at the arena. This convergence of K-pop's brightest stars with the prestigious Prudential Center underscores the venue's status as a cultural hub and premier entertainment destination.



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