How to Build a Complete Social Media Management Report for Your Client

Social media management reports are designed to assess a brand’s reputation, social performance, and key campaigns, among others. From KPIs that matter to best practices, here is a guide on how to build a complete social media management report for your client.

How to Measure the ROI of Your Advertising Campaign.

It's essential to measure ROI. This measurement allows you to analyze your performance, improve future campaigns, and develop other opportunities.
top 60 CEOs to follow on twitter

The Top 60 Agency CEOs to Follow on Twitter (part 1)

Digital ads are filling timelines as regularly as commercials air throughout the evening news. Here are the top 60 Advertising CEOs to follow on Twitter.
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How to Prove Your ROI with Competitor Analysis

Often, competitor analysis is associated with optimising a company’s strategy in terms of positioning, market mapping and business opportunities.

How to Create Reports to Prove Your Social Media ROI

With the focus shifting from vanity metrics to real business opportunities that a digital agency is able to develop for its clients, the organization and creation of social media reports for various decision makers...

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