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Christine is the US Marketing Director at Digimind. She interested in writing and talking about all things related to Marketing and business strategy, especially finding ways to help businesses grow faster and become more intelligent.

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7 min read retain-customers-and-increase-sales-using-social-insights
Christine Carzo | Community Manager - Sep 27, 2017

How to Retain Customers and Increase Sales Using Social Insights

Three case studies which demonstrate how social listening can improve your communication strategy and customer service.
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3 min read top-agencies-leverage-insight-driven-techniques-to-increase-profits
Christine Carzo | Build Strategy - Sep 26, 2017

How Top Agencies Leverage Insight-Driven Techniques to Increase Profits

A collection of case studies showcasing the best insight-driven techniques with which agencies can improve profitability.
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4 min read generate-new-business-using-social-intelligence
Christine Carzo | Build Strategy - Sep 22, 2017

How Insurance Brands Can Generate New Business Using Social Intelligence

A case study on how social media can help insurance providers generate new business leads through online prospect analysis.
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5 min read essential-social-media-KPIs
Christine Carzo | Build Strategy - Sep 15, 2017

The Essential Social Media KPIs for Improving an Agency's Campaign Performance

How one agency planned a successful campaign by analyzing social media KPIs.
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4 min read identifying-expansion-opportunities
Christine Carzo | Build Strategy - Sep 14, 2017

Identifying Expansion Opportunities: How Insight-Driven Agencies Use Social Intelligence

A case study of an insight-driven agency’s utilization of social intelligence to generate customer loyalty and expansion opportunities.
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5 min read how-brands-can-analyze-hashtags-to-better-target-customers
Christine Carzo | Build Strategy - Sep 13, 2017

How Brands Can Analyze Hashtags to Better Target Customers

August 23, 2017 marked a very special anniversary in the history of digital media: the tenth birthday of Twitter’s famous hashtags. In the decade they’ve been around, hashtags have become a cultural phenomenon and a...
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7 min read
Christine Carzo | Build Strategy - Sep 7, 2017

3 Strategies to Increase Customer Retention Rate Using Social Intelligence

In the eternal quest for revenue and growth, it’s easy for companies to overlook the opportunity available in simply improving customer retention. The average business churns about 20% of its customers every year. In some...
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5 min read grow-market-share-using-social-media-intelligence
Christine Carzo | Build Strategy - Aug 31, 2017

How to Grow Your Market Share Using Social Media Intelligence

Social media intelligence, through powerful tools, allows brands to collect insights from social media, analyze trends, and use this information to drive the different stages of their marketing strategy, from market analysis and...
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7 min read mens-clothing-store
Christine Carzo | Brands - Aug 4, 2017

Social Networks: How to Implement a Successful Multichannel Strategy

Adopting a multi-channel strategy Social networks have changed the way we build relationships with peers, businesses, and communities around the world. The digital world is constantly evolving, and retailers have now integrated...
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