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5 min read social media frontier-1
Patrice Francois | Build Strategy - Jan 16, 2018

Social Media: A New Frontier for Researchers

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2 min read Digimind-Blog-Groupon-CEO-Blog-Data-Versus-Intuition
Patrice Francois | Build Strategy - Mar 6, 2013

Data versus Intuition: A lesson from Groupon's former CEO

Since Andrew Mason announced his departure from Groupon last week, his disarmingly honest 'resignation' letter has been torn apart and dissected. His carefully crafted letter belies the common media perception of him as...
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4 min read tim-gouw-79563-1068x713
Patrice Francois | Build Strategy - Nov 29, 2012

6 Strategies for Managing Dispersed Intelligence Teams

Competitive Intelligence is no longer viewed as a discretionary option, reserved for the world’s leading companies. It’s a crucial function to support current business strategy and to help meet future demands. That’s why...
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