8 min read
CYL | Trend Tracking & Innovation - Jul 7, 2023

Supermarket Showdown: Analyzing and Ranking the Top Retail Giants in SEA

In today's fast-paced digital era, where grocery shopping happens in a flash, supermarkets face a twofold challenge—bland choices and even potential scandals. In 2013, Europe was gripped by the notorious "Horsemeat Scandal," as
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5 min read UK Supermarkets
Silvia Bizzarro | Trend Tracking & Innovation - Jul 5, 2023

Analysing the Share of Voice: A Snapshot of UK Supermarkets in the first Semester of 2023

In today's digital age, social media and online platforms have become essential arenas for brands to connect with their audience. The supermarket industry is no exception, with major players striving to establish a strong...
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5 min read Qatar Worldcup trending topics
Nour Nasr | Social Listening - Nov 29, 2022

Trending topics about the 2022 Qatar World Cup

The Qatar 2022 World Cup began a few days ago. The great event awaited after 4 and a half years, not only by soccer fans, but also by the general population, speculating about the teams, the culture of the host country, the...
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4 min read food and beverage store netherlands
Nour Nasr | Brands - Oct 4, 2022

Top 20 Food & Beverage Companies in the Netherlands in 2022

Since we just started the fourth quarter of this year, Digimind decided to analyse the data from the first quarter till the third one to highlight the main variations in mentions and the shifts in popularity of some top companies...
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8 min read
Micah Levin | food - Jun 7, 2021

The Top 5 Most-Discussed F&B Brands in Q4 2020 & Q1 2021

It’s that time of year again! Digimind digs deep into the data from last year’s fourth quarter and this year’s first quarter to bring you a breakdown of some of the most illuminating highlights that we found surrounding the Food...
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11 min read Some Of The Most Discussed Global Brands Online In 2020
Micah Levin | Brand Reputation - Feb 11, 2021

The Most Discussed Global Brands Online In 2020

It was a fitting conclusion to a series that had captivated the anxious and content-hungry minds of billions of people around the world, that the man who had subjugated to squalid enclosures such majestic and mighty creatures,...
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