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Sabine Dorgan - Jul 11, 2022

How to Optimize your Digital Share of Voice in Order to Boost your Business Activity?

In a context when digital marketing budgets are constantly growing , the online blue ocean has turned to red , and one needs to sharpen tactics so that you get a chance to have an impact on business. Time has come to put your digital plan on steroids. Share of Voice is coming. 


Yann Guilain, Chief Services Officer at Digimind and Louise Roche, Consulting Director, will tell you:

What is Share of Voice?

Louise Roche: Traditionally, this metric describes the share of your advertising (print, radio or TV) compared to all the competitors’ in your market.

Now that we’re in the digital era, the definition of Share of Voice has expanded to include everything from digital PR, to social media mentions, to website traffic—in other words, every form of measurable brand awareness in your particular market, whether that’s Owned or Earned media. 

Basically, Share of Voice helps you understand how popular your brand is compared to your competitors. 

Why is it important to monitor it?

Yann Guilain: The Share of Voice is a great KPI that recaps all your digital efforts. But your Share of Voice position alone is not sufficient. The unique genius in what Digimind offers you is an approach which opens the black box and lets you drill down in a few seconds into your digital data at the level of a given campaign, time period, region, or across different channels. We provide you with consolidated dynamic data which allows you to understand what is really happening, why, and how to react in order to take the lead. 

This approach requires constant real time monitoring and consolidation as well as a capacity to react fast. In other words we provide you with the car, we help you design the journey and we coach you on how to drive. 

How Digimind will act on it in order to increase its clients’ digital share of voice?

Louise Roche : First thing is to Get the Picture. To do so, we deliver: 

  • A 360° monitoring of 30+ types of online social networks and sources categories, 
  • A monitoring of different brands, product ranges and digital campaigns, with a consistent methodology based on the same lexical and boolean rules  which allows not to mix up apples and pears. 
  • The ability to segment data based on topics, channels, markets, languages, etc. specific.
  • A continuous monitoring and consolidation of your brand reputation via real-time dashboards.
  • Automated reports delivered straight to your inbox at the frequency you need : hourly basis for a product launch to weekly or monthly consolidation. 

Second, we help you take control and take the lead of the digital momentum by: 

  • Leveraging on the best digital actions, 
  • Bridging digital insights with you local customer experience, sales and marketing data lake, so that you can figure out what the business impact is, 
  • Integrating the outcomes into the company's strategic data. 

To do so, our consulting team guides you and your teams to design and do the setup, analyze the efficient digital mechanisms, empower people in your company with the right change management so that digital managers adopt and integrate the best practices the right way. 

Do you have a concrete example of a project?


Louise Roche : Indeed, we, for example, are very proud of having helped a major skincare actor during the last 4 years, to move from position 3 to position 1 or 2 in most of their markets worldwide. 

The world  digital team is composed of 80 people, from Global Digital coordinator to local country digital managers. 

We helped them to track and analyze digital campaigns efficiency  from many different sources across the web: Twitter, Instagram, TikTok… and to measure their brand awareness and reach for each region. 

Monthly world webinars were organized to share KPIs, understand the mechanics of efficient campaigns, and leverage on it, as well to update people with the latest tips and things to know about social networks trendy tactics and tips.  

As a result,  the team is now completely autonomous and knows how to identify the performing campaign mechanics and how to reuse them. The Share of Voice management of digital actions has become an official digital process, it helps the company make tactical and strategic decisions and, last but not least, it impacts the business. 


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Written by Sabine Dorgan

Sabine Dorgan is CMO at Digimind and has a long experience in managing marketing & communication services for tech-driven companies. She loves reading good books, cooking with her two kids and writing blog posts about Digimind's initiatives.