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Christine Carzo - Sep 14, 2017

Identifying Expansion Opportunities: How Insight-Driven Agencies Use Social Intelligence

A case study of an insight-driven agency’s utilization of social intelligence to generate customer loyalty and expansion opportunities.

Previous articles have established that digital agencies use social intelligence to outline and present their competitive advantages to new customers. However, the profitability of social intelligence is not limited to the acquisition of new consumers, it is also vastly useful for maintaining customer brand loyalty and generating expansion opportunities throughout the pre-existing client portfolio.

The following study will demonstrate the use of social intelligence to achieve the following:

  • Increase competitive advantage in saturated markets.
  • Analyze consumer needs to create increased consumer loyalty and expansion opportunities.
  • Expand an agency’s service offerings.

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The agency

The agency examined in this case study holds a position in the increasingly competitive market for social media management solutions. Web Report provides social media management and marketing strategies to major brands such as Generali Insurance, Starbucks, and various other chains throughout France.

The business challenge

The Web Report team reported that their current service offering was not sufficiently maintaining customer loyalty in a very rapidly shifting market where competing agencies grapple to demonstrate their superiority. A clear need emerged to remain competitive among current clients by providing the best in class social intelligence services in the market. Digimind Social’s software offered an edge which allowed Web Report to offer a more comprehensive and detail-oriented service tailored specifically to customer needs for ensuring continuous profitability of the existing client portfolio.


digimind-social-Trip-Advisor-sentiment An example media engagement sentimentality report, via Digimind Social.


The project

An initial internal audit highlighted several common denominators among Web Report’s client base. Notably among them was the presence of several retail outlets, franchisees, and branches existing under a parent company.

Consequently, these brands found themselves faced with similar recurring needs:

  • Effective segmentation and organization of data to represent both general trends and more specifically targeted insights.
  • Development of channels dedicated to analyzing individual user reviews and recommendations while maintaining a global vision of client needs.
  • Concise data visualization and effective application of insights gained from it.

The issue required simple illustration of complex data - to take advantage of complex social intelligence insights by creating intuitive, integrated competitive intelligence dashboards.

The solution

The Web Report team employed Digimind Social's advanced analytical software and reporting capabilities address their clients’ common issues.

More specifically, the agency expanded the service offerings that they could extend to their clients to include the following options:

  • Customizable social listening searches to isolate online consumer interactions and understand which online media platforms most effectively engage consumers.
  • Segmented data-visualization dashboards with real-time analysis of macro and micro level datasets for all relevant social media platforms.
  • Client-specific reports created with Digimind Social offering social intelligence suitable for both large brands and local chains.
breakdown-of-key-social-engagement-platforms A break down of key social engagement platforms, via Digimind Social.

The results

The ability to meet the needs of customers on a case-by-case basis coupled with the ability to generate differentiated methods for collection and analysis allowed Web Report to achieve achieve the following:

  • A consistent increase in customer loyalty.
  • Exponential growth in the demand for their services, particularly for differentiated dashboards created specifically for each new business, affiliate or franchisee entry.
  • The ability to provide competitive social intelligence analytics.

The best practices

There are several key identifiable key practices that emerge from Web Report’s successful increase in expansion and consumer loyalty:

  1. Building a strong customer relationship focused on their needs allows for new service offerings (like social intelligence) to be developed.
  2. New service offerings tailored to client needs leads to customer loyalty and increases opportunities to generate expansion opportunities among current clients.

Social intelligence is an ally to any digital-oriented agency’s daily work processes. Failing to employ a social intelligence strategy runs the risk of providing undifferentiated services in a highly competitive industry.

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Written by Christine Carzo

Christine is the US Marketing Director at Digimind. She interested in writing and talking about all things related to Marketing and business strategy, especially finding ways to help businesses grow faster and become more intelligent.