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Melissa Chue - Aug 3, 2016

Report: Singapore's Top Telecommunications Companies on Social Media

For most, if not all B2C companies, social media serves the dual purpose of a digital front desk and a channel for market research.

Nowhere is this truer than for the telecommunications industry in Singapore. After all, social media penetration and use is one of the highest in Southeast Asia. And it's no secret that social media is the most popular network for sharing customer experiences.

So, how are Singapore's telcos selling themselves on social? Are they using social insights to keep ahead of the competition? We've rounded up the stats for the telecommunications industry in Singapore - the success stories, and the potential hot spots for engaging customers in this report.

Read the full report here.

Singtel and Starhub lead the pack 

From 23 June to 23 July, Singtel had the largest sized following across their social media channels, and was the most active. Starhub earned the most engagement - likes, comments and shares - in the same period. Here's how Singapore's long-standing telcos managed to win with social:

Singaporeans love freebies

Majority of the posts which earned the most engagement on social media were about contests and giveaways. This ranged from events to pop concerts.

Broadband and data are the most talked about services 

Unsurprisingly, broadband and data topped conversations about Singapore's telcos. Mediocre speed and connectivity was also the main driver for complaints. Clearly, Singaporeans place a high priority on staying connected via mobile or desktop.

We'll be back with more stats and facts about the telecommunications industry across the Causeway in Malaysia in our next post. Or you can find out for yourself in our latest social report!


Written by Melissa Chue

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