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Gabrielle Aliotta - Oct 11, 2022

Top 10 Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2022

What is a Sentiment Analysis Tool? 

A key component of every brand management strategy, social media, or marketing manager's toolkit is sentiment analysis, which is constantly evolving as consumers' conversation evolves. Sentiment Analysis Tools allow you to analyze the intention, tone, and emotion behind every message. Brands can deeply benefit from these tools when communicating with their customers on social media, email, and live chat, where it can be difficult to discern the sentiment brand message. 


Why is it Important? 

It's vital to analyze sentiments to determine whether spikes in the brand discussion are triggered by a well-received campaign, an extraordinary customer experience that went viral online, complaints, or an incident that your organization must rectify or communicate- to name a few.


These sentiment analysis tools can help your team analyze feedback accurately by uncovering more context and insights from the conversation surrounding your brand, product, or services online. We compiled a list of the Top 10 Sentiment Analysis Tools for you to discover and help your brand. 


Top 10 Sentiment Analysis Tools



Cloudfactory "changes how the world works" through the different services offered through its platform. From Data Processing to Workforce Strategy, their sentiment analysis tools help you turn online information into actionable insights. With their machine learning technology (AI to monitor online behavior), it helps your brand gain better insights into your brand reputation, product reviews, and more. 



Critical Mention

By tracking, analyzing, and sharing earned media coverage, Critical Mention focuses on media monitoring and analysis. Their sentiment analysis tools can help you understand the context of earned media coverage. A modern, cloud-based platform with real-time alerts and in-depth analytics can provide the user with helpful insights into how the public responds to earned media.


To better understand the entire earned media lifecycle, Critical Mention monitors news broadcasts, media, online news, social media, podcasts, and more to help your brand gather valuable insights from the sentiments expressed from these different mediums.



Digimind is a global social listening tool with over 20+ years of experience assisting numerous blue ribbon companies through a comprehensive suite of social media and tracking services. By gathering, processing, and enriching billions of content pieces, Digimind's software makes analysis easy to read and up-to-date. Using AI, you can quickly generate compelling reports that cover any topic, from automated curatorial to recommendations. Within the platform, you can easily analyze sentiments expressed online about your brand. 



With GatherUp, you can get insights into customer experience, empower marketing, and convert customers through an online review engine. They provide sentiment analysis tracking so that you can determine what drives positive or negative customer experiences, create ads and content based on what your customers say, and quickly identify which products or services are loved or need improvement. 


Hubspot Service Hub

A helpful tool for sentiment analysis is the Hubspot Service Hub, which breaks down qualitative survey responses into positive and negative sentiments. Customer reviews can be determined by NPS surveys and organized based on sentiment. By integrating your CRM and reviewing survey responses from specific contacts in your database, you can also identify what customers are happy or unhappy about your brand on an individual basis. 



By combining artificial intelligence and human expertise, Innodata solves your toughest data engineering challenges. Their sentiment analysis tool allows you to put in any text documents (including legal and financial documents, scientific documents, and more) to examine the sentiment expressed and use them as AI training data to provide solutions for digital information creation, management, and distribution. 



Lexalytics is another platform that will help you turn your text into profitable decisions.  With their state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning technologies, they can transform any given text into actionable insights. Lexalytics helps explain why a customer is responding to your brand in a specific way, rather than how, using NLP to determine the intent of the sentiment expressed by the consumer online. 



MeaningCloud's sentiment analysis tools perform a detailed multilingual sentiment analysis on a variety of texts. From one of their available integrations or your programming language, you can use their APIs easily. The tool can identify positive, negative, and neutral polarity in any text, like comments on social media or surveys.



With name matching via AI, handles initials, and phonetic/transliteration text monitoring, Rosette is a text analytics and discovery platform that can assist you with your sentiment analysis needs. The software can review text-based data in over 30 different languages that will translate the text for you and easily identify informal and formal messages, in addition to certain slang associated with different languages. 


Social Searcher

Social Searcher is a free-to-use social media search engine that allows you to monitor all public social media networks and the web. The engine searches for mentions, users, or trends in a real-time search to see what consumers are saying about your company, brand, product, or service. The platform can be a useful sentiment analysis tool since you can directly search certain profiles and mentions related to your brand. 


In selecting sentiment analysis tools for your projects, whatever they may be, there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution. Ultimately, you choose what features are needed for the insights you want to gather. 

Written by Gabrielle Aliotta