When your boss comes to you with the usual questions about how your social media activities are going, you can be prepared with the right data and graphs to efficiently brief him or her on your work and clear up any uncertainties. Here are our tips for some of the most common areas that management teams want to hear about regarding social communities, interactions, and publications.


Community Management

Your boss wants to know:
Is our audience growing?

The ability to provide a clear and straightforward overview of your growth both on the whole, as well as on each key channel, is essential. Aggregating this data into one graph makes it clear to see which specific communities are growing most rapidly, and how you’re expanding overall.

Subscriber Growth

Your boss wants to know:
How much engagement do we get?

Since your communities interact with your content in different ways (likes, shares, views, favorites, etc.), summing all of this data up into one combined, multi-channel chart is a handy way to present the information.



Your boss wants to know:
What is the response to the recent social media campaign?

To show the results of campaigns or special content you have been pushing on your social media channels, you can provide a concise overview of how your most popular publications performed. Your boss will be able to see in a glance which channel the post was on, a summary of the content, the number of interactions, and the interaction rate. This can quickly be compared with other posts in a given time period.

publishing on social media



Your boss wants to know:
How do our social media activities compare with those of our competitors?

Comparing your performance with your competitors’ is crucial in order to gain an understanding of your success. Displaying a wide range of high-level information gives your boss an initial impression of the areas you’re excelling in and where your competitors may be devoting more resources. This provides a comprehensive view of the important metrics that you can zoom into in more detail later.

benchmarking social media



Choosing the right deliverable will ensure that your reports are viewed and understood efficiently. Take a moment to discuss with your boss whether she or he prefers a PowerPoint presentation, a custom dashboard, or an in-person briefing, for example. Understanding your boss’s expectations and having the right data handy will help improve communication between parties and save headaches!

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  1. Dear Cassandra
    Thanks so much for this blog entry and your link to this post on https://www.xing.com/communities/posts/social-media-monitoring-1009728336?comment=33248375

    I find the comparison between yourself and your competitors particularly interesting. The challenge will be how one interprets these data. Does having more fans mean Air France is doing better than Delta?

    One can compare as well your corporate blog’s performance as we have done here, for instance:
    ====> http://blog.drkpi.com/rating-and-ranking-3/

    Here I know that I can based on engagement, social shares assess what influence a blog may have with its readers.

    Interpreting numbers is the tough job an analyst has to do.
    Thanks for sharing.


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