It’s almost Friday so we are keeping things short and sweet today. We connected with LinkedIn Power Profile and Global CEO and Founder of Black Marketing,  Chris J Read, to share his take on Social Selling for our Digital Marketing Advent Calendar.

🎈 Defining “Social Selling”

Social selling is all about the CEO being active on social, particularly LinkedIn.

🔎 How to utilise your personal brand 

It’s about using their personal brand to promote the company by raising his business persona on LinkedIn, using their thought leadership and content sharing to stimulate interest and using their personal brand with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator program to gain interest from messages so that the company benefits overall.

It’s what I call the Richard Branson affect. 10m people follow him on LinkedIn. Only 1m follow Virgin Atlantic. People follow him, not the company but his personal brand has a holistically positive effect over all the Virgin companies.

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