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Melissa Chue - Dec 9, 2016

Definition🎁: "Content Marketing" - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

TGIF! We're rounding up the first week of our Digital Marketing Advent Calendar with one of the hottest trends of 2016 - Content Marketing. As more and more brands hop on the content bandwagon, we sat down with The Digital Conversationalist and Executive Director of the Asian Content Marketing Association, Andrea T Edwards, to find out how organisations can truly master it. 

🎈 Defining "Content Marketing" today

Content marketing is no longer a nice-to-have; it's become a fundamental driving force of businesses.

It’s time we stepped back collectively and understood content marketing on a much deeper level. It  is a philosophy and we must stop thinking of it as a tactic, or an add-on to the existing marketing department.

🔎 The Evolution of Content Marketing in the Organisation

For an organisation to be truly focused on content marketing, the entire business must embrace it from deep within the soul of the company. It must become the beating heart of the business. Every role, every function, top to bottom. The challenge is, typically, the marketing team delivers content marketing within a silo – and that’s precisely where we’re going wrong.

Marketing must enable content and own this function, but every single silo of the business needs to get on board. If sales aren’t involved, it’s almost impossible to do content marketing – because they know the customer. Beyond sales – customer service, R&D, PR/comms, executive leadership, HR, finance, legal, business development, channel managers, CSR teams, digital media teams, advertising teams, etc, etc, etc all need to be on board. 

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