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Jerome Maisch - Oct 25, 2016

20 Twitter Consumer Insights Accounts to Follow

When a company finds a shift in consumer behavior due to a changes in the social, cultural, technological, environmental, political or technological landscapes, consumer insights researches quickly dig in, gather research from multiple sources, meet with members from cross-functional teams and improve the product offering and/or message of their company. With that, we've gathered a list of Top 20 Consumer Insights Directors to follow on Twitter. Check them out!

Follow tweets from global trade shows, retweets of millienial driven content and even hot topics from the political races from Viacom Consumer Insights Director Christian Kurz!

Credit in the U.S. is the gateway to everything. Check out Equifax Insights for details on law changes and consumer education surrounding credit.

Jeffrey Henning provides market research information that is data driven. Check out this twitter account for the latest on consumer insights in technology, start-ups, politics and more.

Univision Insights provides all you need to know on targeting Hispanic communities. Check out their page for cultural information and immerison.

Jordan Rost is Neilsen's VP of Consumer Insights. Check out this page for insights across industries and humurous tweets to mom who probably better understands his job since Neilsen's feature in @Adweek's recent article.

Get the latest tweets in fintech, tech-health, retail and more with market researcher Julie K.

Vice President of Consumer Insights at Neilsen Canada, Carman Allison has all the tweets. From the number of viewers of the U.S. presidential debates to how much Canadians spend on Thanksgiving, be entertained with insightful information.

comScore chairman and cofounder Gian Fulgoni has the latest in digital media and advertising as well as great information surrounding millenials.

Information on branded content, photogenic sports figures and the genius behind the Rock's trailer announcing he's on YouTube. Check out Trent Collins for information on online communities and market research.

For fintech news and even the booming and sophisticated currency used in prisons. Follow Larry Tabb for insights in financial markets.

Rebecca Harris has a timeline that highlights the narcissism of millenials while highlighting how marketers tend to "miss the mark" on Canadian moms. Check her out!

Deloitte brings the latest in technology and consumer insights. Check out their consumer business page for all you need to from budgeting to science and accounting to sports.

Fintech and economics research and insights with Kevin McPartland, Head of Market Structure and Technology Research at Greenwich Associates.

Get in to the nitty gritty of market research with Research Rockstar, Kathryn Korostoff.

Planet retail has all the insights on acquisitions, mergers and business information and it's implications on consumers. Check them out for retail news.

From fintech news to chip cards and even a bit of cooking. Check out the latest tweets from Financial Insights director at IDC, Jerry Silva.

With market research and great shares on how to be a better person, or improve advertising, Virtual Research Director Cathy Harrison is the tweeter to follow!

Follow Reineke Reitsma for anything related to consumer behavior, technology change and market research- Market Analyst at Forrester.

More millenial news and insights. This is fine when millenials are the fastest growing consumers! Follow Sean Copeland, Director of Research at Student Life Network and Parent Life Network.

For a bit of quirk and interesting marketing insights on emotional, education and technological news, follow Annie Pettits.

What Consumer Insights accounts do you follow? Let us know!

Written by Jerome Maisch

Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover