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Heather Aponte - Jan 31, 2018

Measuring PR Success in the Digital Age: Why Integrating Offline and Online Insights is Imperative

PR is all about understanding your audience and providing them with the messages they will pay attention to on the medium that that is most appropriate. And even with the shift in focus to digital outlets for most marketing and PR departments, TV and radio still have a large following and influence on consumers. Look at The TODAY Show, for example. This is morning show boasts more than 4 million viewers, so securing your client or brand a segment on this show is a massive win for any PR person.

But it doesn’t give you the full picture of public perception. Consumers no longer sit in front of a TV with their sole attention on the screen. In the US, 85 percent of TV viewers watch programs while simultaneously engaging with multimedia through a second screen, such as laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In order to get a 360-degree-view of consumer insights, organizations need to track the visibility of their brand through offline sources while tracking online reactions by these viewers to truly understand public perception.

A prime example of this occured on an episode of Megyn Kelly Today in January. In a segment, she sat down with fitness blogger Maria Kang- also known as "Fit Mom"- about diet and exercise. Great PR for Fit Mom, right? It could have been until the conversation turned toward the topic of “fat shaming” and Kelly stated that it could be an effective form of losing weight. Social media reactions began to bash this segment and the host for the controversial comments - which indirectly affects the sentiment of The Fit Mom for being associated with the segment.



The previous example is only one instance in understanding the true success of a PR placement or campaign by monitoring social media reactions. In order to help brands and agencies do this without siloing offline and online data, or lacking data accuracy from social media, Digimind recently announced the integration of global TV and radio sources into its social listening and analytics platform.

With Digimind Social, organizations have the assurance of 850 million online data sources, integrated with more than 2,000 TV and radio sources to provide the only comprehensive depiction of its brand reputation, consumer insights, and market trends in one place. With real-time detection of online, TV, and radio mentions in one intuitive platform, brands are able to easily understand public perception of their brand at any given moment and apply these insights to any business priority, including product launches, crisis management, content planning, and many more.

Digimind helps brand’s communication professionals and PR agencies by:

  • Tracking a mix of international sources such as BBC, CNN, and Fox News as well as sources unique to 21 countries across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, such as NBC, ABC, and CBS in the US; TF1, France 2, and Canal+ in France; and CCTV1 and CCTV2 in China.
  • Monitoring any brand or topic mentioned by applying natural language processing (NLP) technologies in more than 61 languages
  • Recording and processing 52,000 hours of content per day and delivering 1.4 billion lines of text per month

To try out Digimind Social to see it’s deep analytics any PR professional can benefit from, try it now for free for seven days.

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Written by Heather Aponte