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Jerome Maisch - Dec 1, 2016

Definition🎁 : "Reach" for Facebook - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

We are pleased to start our first advent calendar Day 1 release with the definition of "Reach," a term used in analyzing and monitoring online audiences. Brice Vinocour, Marketing Manager at Facebook, France has shared his definition of the term with us. 

🎈 The definition of "Reach" 

"Reach" represents the number of people who have received impressions from a publication. The range may be less than the number of impressions, since a person can view multiple impressions, that is, have seen the same publication several times.

🔎 Let's be more specific 

In this digital age, it's possible to have better targeting and personalization in advertising messages. "Reach"still remains a key metric in the analysis, or monitoring of a media campaign.

If tailoring content to targeted audiences is important to reach out to people with messages that are relevant to them, it is equally important to reach a broad audience to maximize the ROI of campaigns. For branding campaigns, for example, optimizing the purchase on the reach rather than clicks or actions can ensure a better return on investment.

With the Digital Marketing Advent Calendar, everyday you get definitions of digital marketing that have been gathered from experts and influencers in the industry. On December 25th, you can receive a glossary of this fantastic content, all put together in one easy-read eBook.

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Written by Jerome Maisch

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