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Melissa Chue - Nov 30, 2016

Watch: 10 Questions About Digital Command Centers with Clement Teo of Ovum

Digital command centers are at the forefront of digital transformation in many organisations. From exhibiting the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)'s strategy, to centralising multidisciplinary teams, how can companies leverage the advantages of a command center to drive success?

We spoke with Ovum's Principal Analyst, Clement Teo about the ins and outs of building and using a digital command center:


What is a digital command center?

It is an organisational construct that brings together various teams like web, social, production, creatives, and media buyers to run campaigns under the CMO's direction. But more than that, it is the process through which a marketing strategy is executed. These include: running campaigns, as well as mapping the customer's journey.

What role does a digital command center play in digital transformation?

A typical command center serves the following purposes:

  • Exhibits the organisation's marketing strategy
  • Gathers and aggregates insights taken from various channels
  • Centralises multidisciplinary teams, whether physically or online
  • Creates a workflow for these teams to take action on the data that is gathered

What are the components of a digital command center?

It consists of:

  • The CMO
  • Various teams to execute the CMO's strategy
  • Technological setups that facilitate the gathering and aggregating of data
  • A space that is either physical or virtual

How has social shaped it?

Social media has become more vital than ever to a company's marketing strategy. Customer interactions are no longer limited to face to face scenarios, and a significant amount of chatter is taking place about various brands online. There is definitely a lot of data out there that companies can leverage. This is where a digital command center can help the CMO to correlate different data sets, and map out customer profiles and journeys to formulate the ideal customer experience.

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