It’s the weekend, but that doesn’t stop us from working hard to bring you 2017’s key definitions for digital marketers. And who better to ask about “Social Media Engagement” than the masters of social media themselves – Hootsuite? Director of Growth and Marketing APAC, Roger Graham, fills us in: 

🎈 What is “Engagement”? 

Social media marketing is about creating an exceptional customer experience, as well as building brand awareness online. Opening up and injecting some fun and humour in your brand voice can go a long way in connecting with your customers.

🔎 What does it take for brands to be engaging? 

A successful marketer knows where and how to engage a brand’s customers. First of all, find out which social media platforms your target audience is most active in, and then decide what content performs the best on those platforms. Pay attention to which social channels perform best for your brand.

The best type of content resonates with your audience, so get to know your customers before you start posting. Video is one of the best performing content on social.

And it’s not just about your conversion rates. Another important thing to look out for is the kind of conversations your customers are having online. With social media thriving around the clock, the last thing you would want is to miss an opportunity for engagement, or worse, a negative post that should be rectified early.

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