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Melissa Chue - Oct 5, 2016

A Beginner's Guide to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is shaping up to be one of the biggest trends in the industry. From communicating to making and processing payments, people's lives have been changed by the digitisation of everyday processes. But how can businesses participate and transform themselves to make better decisions?

Is digital transformation just data integration?

One of the biggest pitfalls companies face is putting too much focus on digital and social teams, while overlooking, or even disregarding other departments that can benefit from digitising. Today, we have more data available than ever, and understanding how to find, analyse, and share this information with the relevant people is key.

For companies who are overwhelmed by the concept of digital transformation, one way to start is by looking at how the right data can help each department perform better.


Gauging your online reputation by listening to conversations on social media, including sentiment, trending topics, as well as measuring the reach of your campaigns and PR activities.

multiple relationship webs


Identify and engage with people who are looking for your products and services on social media.

Market Research

Using your brand's owned social media channels to run low cost market surveys to identify consumer expectations, preferences, sentiments, as well as market trends. This includes polls on Twitter, as well as Facebook posts with a strong call to action to engage with the brand's content.

an advertisement for singapore airlines

Human Resources

Leveraging both B2C Social platforms (Twitter/FB/YouTube/Instagram and so on), as well as B2B platforms (LinkedIn, Glassdoor an online forums), to increase awareness and attract the best talent.

a screenshot of linkedin

Legal and Risk

Monitoring online threats and risk assessments such as counterfeiting, fraud, and information leaks.

Customer Service

Identify and respond to customer complaints on social media to limit potential backlash. A good tool for this is Hootsuite, a social media management platform that gives customer service teams an overview of their brand's social media channels and activities.

a screenshot of hootsuite

Research and Development/ Innovation

Finding new startups and technologies to partner with.


Identifying new suppliers which you may not have been aware of.


Tracking competitors' moves so that you can stay one step ahead of them.

Essentially, digital transformation is about making information readily available and digestible for different teams to make better strategic decisions in their daily tasks.

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Written by Melissa Chue

Melissa is a digital advocate who loves diving into the latest trends in digital and social media. Since joining Digimind’s marketing team in 2015, she has written studies for over 15 industries in Asia Pacific. When she is not telling stories about data, Melissa can be found exploring her favourite cafes and hangouts on Instagram @chuepachups.