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Austin Williams - Apr 11, 2017

One on One with The New York Times

During Social Media Week, Digimind had the chance to catch up with some notable influencers and industry leaders. In this series, we chat one-on-one with digital media’s best and brightest—this time with some smart folks over at The New York Times.

In collaboration with HelloSociety and Fake Love, the New York Times gave a presentation during Social Media Week 2017 that spoke to how digital media has changed the world of publishing. With things moving at such a fast pace for digital marketing, it takes certain innovation and creativity for an old fashioned industry to keep up. During the conference, Sebastian Tomich, Layne Braunstein, and Kyla Brennan spoke one-on-one with Digimind about how they’ve worked to keep the Times’ online presence fresh.

 Gains some insights from the video here! 

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