In some ways, flag carriers are a country’s brand to the world, their crew and ground staff ambassadors to their passengers. Like most industries, social media has evolved from a luxury to a digital front desk for the airline business. With social media penetration at an all-time high in Asia, social channels are fast overtaking other communication platforms between brands and consumers.

So, which flag carriers soared on social media?

In our latest industry report, we monitored the social media activities and engagement of close to 20 flag carriers from November to December 2015 on our social media monitoring and analytics tools, Digimind Social and Digimind Social Analytics.


  • Facebook is the biggest contributor to community size, with the top 5 flag carriers having at least 1 million fans on that platform
  • Qatar has the biggest community across all their social media channels
  • Singapore Airlines’ “No detail is too small” campaign earned the most interactions on social media

Read the rest of the infographic below:

SEA Top Flag Carriers
Stay tuned for our next infographic featuring the top low cost carriers on social media in Southeast Asia!

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