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Jerome Maisch - Aug 17, 2015

How to improve your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Pin it, Repin it, and Profit!

Pinterest is a rising star in the social media game, and it shouldn’t be ignored.

Users regularly spend more money, more often, than those of other social websites like Facebook and Twitter. With females making up 85% of Pinterest’s user base, visual markets such as DIY stores, the food industry, and the fashion industry could and should utilize this network for marketing.  

Bank of America currently uses Pinterest to build interaction with its community through instructional boards for life events, such as tips for buying a home or travel plans. Whole Foods gains a following through pins and repins of photos of delicious foods, as well as sharing recipes using items customers can purchase from their store.

After building dedicated followers and participating in the sharing of content (including collaboration), the next step to utilizing Pinterest is collecting and analyzing data using social listening tools.

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Written by Jerome Maisch

Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover