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Melissa Chue - Sep 15, 2015

REPORT: Singapore’s Top Digital Agencies on Social Media

When researching digital agencies, what are the standard criteria you look for? A large following? A strong online presence? Or is it most important to you that they know how to interact with their community? After all, the job of a digital agency is to promote and take your brand to new heights; they should already be doing the same for their own company.

At Digimind, we monitored over 100 digital agencies in Singapore by the size of their community, the number of publications, and the number of interactions. This list was then distilled to the top 50 digital agencies.

Get our industry report on Singapore’s Top 50 Digital Agencies to learn which agencies are leading on social media, which have experienced the most growth, and what channels are provoking the most interactions.

Key Takeaways:

  • How We Are Social became the leading digital agency on social media
  • What makes local agencies Gushcloud and Uniform the leaders in interaction and publications respectively?
  • Does a high volume of publications guarantee strong engagement?
  • The power of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
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Written by Melissa Chue

Melissa is a digital advocate who loves diving into the latest trends in digital and social media. Since joining Digimind’s marketing team in 2015, she has written studies for over 15 industries in Asia Pacific. When she is not telling stories about data, Melissa can be found exploring her favourite cafes and hangouts on Instagram @chuepachups.