Happy Monday! We are back with another week of key definitions for marketers this Advent season. For today’s Advent Calendar, we asked Ovum’s Principal Analyst, Clement Teo about Command Centers – why are they at the forefront of digital transformation, and what goes behind building one? 

🎈 What is a “Command Center”? 

A digital command center is an organisational construct that brings together multidisciplinary teams like web, social, production, creatives, and media buying to run campaigns. But more than that, it is the process by which a marketing strategy is executed.

🔎 What is its role in an organisation? 

A typical command center exhibits the organisation’s marketing strategy, as well as gathering and aggregating insights taken from various channels. It also creates a workflow for said teams to take action on the data that is gathered.

Social media is now more vital than ever to a company’s marketing strategy. Customer interactions are no longer limited to face to face scenarios, and a significant amount of chatter is taking place about various brands online. There is a lot of data out there that companies can leverage. This is where a digital command center can help the CMO to correlate different data sets, and map out customer profiles and journeys to formulate the ideal customer experience.

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