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Vanessa Querry - Jan 31, 2018

Access competitor’s insights in real-time : Digimind becomes first competitive intelligence solution to offer business experts a 360-degree view of their competitive environment.

Digimind enhances its competitive intelligence platform, Digimind Intelligence, with EasyCI, a new module designed to support intelligence experts in understanding their competitive environment.

Intuitive, simple, visual and accessible, EasyCI is a must-have to follow your competitor’s insights in real time.

The Genesis of a Belief and an Observation

Competitive Intelligence is at the crossroads of all the strategic functions that make a company.

Marketing, strategy, innovation, sales and purchasing professionals all have a need for information to nurture market knowledge and make informed & enlightened decisions.

Beyond this belief, it’s undeniable that markets are changing as we are witnessing fiercer competition at both domestics and international levels, with new players breaking into markets.

Let’s take a look at the banking sector, in 10 years retail leaders, telecom operators and digital banks have caused strong ripples of disruption in the market. The old adage 'Tomorrow’s competitors are not today's competitors’ has never been more true.

In this context, it becomes vital for organizations to equip their employees with 360-degree knowledge of their competitive environment to ensure their businesses are able to stay ahead.

With EasyCI, Digimind offers you the best of both worlds with a a simple and intuitive tool that delivers knowledge from exhaustive and advanced sources in one platform.

Designed to seamlessly integrate into your organization's overall strategic intelligence processes, Digimind Intelligence’s advanced CI insights along with the new EasyCI feature allows business experts to monitor their competitive ecosystem in 3 clicks.

EasyCI: the first competitive intelligence solution to offer business experts a 360-degree view of their competitive environment

Our goal in developing EasyCI, is to enable business experts to initiate their own Competitive Intelligence projects, without requiring skills in information management or knowledge of the Digimind platform.

Say farewell to complex configurations and settings, and hello to simplicity and insights!

Designed with business’ users needs in mind, EasyCI allows you to:

  • Add competitors’ names
  • Create a new project or associate it with an existing project
  • Monitor competitors through two pre-configured deliverables: a dashboard and a watchlist, and an email alert system (only available for customers who have subscribed to this option).

Thanks to the historical data collected in the Digimind Content Factory (DCF), business experts will immediately be able to access data from the last three months, enabling them to keep up with their competitors‘ strategic initiatives and commence delivering insights company-wide.

In addition, information will be automatically tagged and validated in real time, guaranteeing continuously up-to-date news and minimal maintenance efforts for users.

Finally, to help business experts analyze data, EasyCI will automatically classify information by type of events (such as capital investment, innovation, M&A, partnerships, offices and subsidiaries’ openings, products & services’ launches, participation in events and conferences, etc.)

With EasyCI, Digimind breaks down information and technology barriers and facilitates the role of business experts’ by enabling them to create their own Competitive Intelligence project with just 3 clicks.

EasyCI will be available on Digimind Intelligence at no additional cost from January 31st 2018

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Written by Vanessa Querry

Vanessa is marketing manager at Digimind, and is looking after the CI market. Passionate about information technologies, digital marketing and B2B, Vanessa likes to debate the best strategies to help companies stand out in a highly competitive and rapidly changing market.