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Christine Carzo - Sep 26, 2017

How Top Agencies Leverage Insight-Driven Techniques to Increase Profits

A collection of case studies showcasing the best insight-driven techniques with which agencies can improve profitability.

The Digimind Blog has published several client case studies highlighting the most effective insight-driven techniques used to increase profitability for agencies. Careful comparison of these case studies has identified several common trends of how to create competitive advantages using social intelligence:

  1. Agencies are increasingly integrating data analysis through social media insight software to prime themselves against competition.
  2. Using social intelligence during the new business pitch process to provide in depth competitive landscape analysis has been linked to higher win rates and contract sizes.
  3. Insight-driven strategies allow for regular generation of consumer insights that are useful in creating expansion-opportunity mechanisms with existing clients.

Below you will find a brief summary of the individual insights gained from three previous case studies. For a more in-depth look at each of these case studies, our ebook “How Insight-Driven Agencies Increase Profits Using Social Media Intelligence.”

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The Challenge

Many of the our clients have shared similar business challenges prior to employing Digimind’s social listening product. Without social intelligence software, agencies face the following challenges:

  • Risk providing undifferentiated services during the shift to digital communications offerings. Lose pitches due to an increasingly competitive market.
  • Struggle to maintain client loyalty without updated service offerings tailored to client needs.
  • Identify new customer needs which are useful for maintaining customer brand loyalty and generating expansion opportunities from existing relationships.

Digital communication agencies commonly use social intelligence as an integral part of their business processes. The application of insights offered by social intelligence spans across practices such as campaign strategy and analysis, social media management and engagement, consumer insights, and more.

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The Insights

The case studies of our clients Wellcom, DDB and Web Report all hold the following characteristics:

  1. All three demonstrate how the use of social intelligence was key in generating customer loyalty and expansion opportunities.
  2. They share measurable and tangible returns on investment through increased operational efficiency and customer acquisition and retention rates.
  3. The agencies were all able to use insights gained through social listening and monitoring activities to proactively adapt their service offerings to meet the needs of their clients.

The Projects

Common to each case study was an initial internal audit of current practices which revealed clear business challenges. Subsequent collaboration with Digimind led to the solution of each brand’s individual business challenge:

Wellcom: Create a competitive advantage in the PR market by becoming the first agency to offer integrated social media listening and analytics services.

DDB: Optimize the investment dedicated to new business sales, improve the team’s operational efficiency, and create clear and differentiated positioning during pitches.

Web Report: Offer a more comprehensive and detail-oriented service tailored specifically to customer needs for ensuring continuous profitability of the existing client portfolio.

Find the fully detailed analyses of these success stories in our e-book below.

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Written by Christine Carzo

Christine is the US Marketing Director at Digimind. She interested in writing and talking about all things related to Marketing and business strategy, especially finding ways to help businesses grow faster and become more intelligent.