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Franck Fitoussi - Jan 23, 2018

Seamlessly Integrating Online and Offline Data: Digimind Becomes the First Social Intelligence Solution to Monitor Global TV and Radio

Marketers are aware of and have embraced the shift to digital - they know the strategies, the tactics, and how to measure success. But what happened to the traditional sources we loved in the past? Offline sources such as TV and radio haven’t disappeared. In fact, there are an estimated 119.6 million television viewers and 268 million radio listeners in the US alone.

So why has this influence been removed from marketing planning, strategy, and evaluation?

Introducing the first-ever solution to provide a 360 degree view of your brand, consumer opinions, and market


In order to provide a 360 degree view of brand reputation, consumer insights, and market trends, Digimind Social is now seamlessly integrating thousands of global TV and radio sources with over 850 million online data sources. Expanding its enhanced listening and analytics capabilities to international offline sources, Digimind now enables brands to access pieces of vital market knowledge other online analytics tools ignore. With real-time detection of online, TV, and radio mentions in one intuitive platform, brands are able to easily understand public perception of their brand or market trends at any given moment and apply these insights to any business priority, including product launches, crisis management, content planning, and many more.

Online data is only one piece of a complete picture


Traditional tools may track traditional media, but there is no single tool that seamlessly integrates data from both online and offline sources and gives marketers the tools to integrate all major global social, news, and media sources in one streamlined experience...until now.

In modern organizations, heads of marketing, brand, communications, and consumer insights need to be the company leaders in understanding and communicating the current state of the brand and its market. In order to do this effectively, these individuals must rely on monitoring a vast array of disparate sources with varying degrees of data quality in order to piece together a brand picture. With Digimind Social, organizations have the assurance of 850 million online data sources, integrated with more than 2,000 TV and radio sources to provide the only comprehensive depiction of its brand reputation, consumer insights, and market trends in one place.

Meet consumers where they spend their digital lives

The latest updates to Digimind also enable marketers to meet their target audiences where they spend their digital lives. In the US, 85 percent of TV viewers watch programs while simultaneously engaging multimedia through a second screen, such as laptop, tablet, or smartphone. In order to get a 360-degree-view of consumer insights, organizations need to track the visibility of their brand through offline sources while tracking online reactions by these viewers to truly understand public perception.

Digimind helps CMOs, marketers, consumer insights teams, and communications professionals by:

  • Tracking a mix of international sources such as BBC, CNN, and Fox News as well as sources unique to 21 countries across North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, such as NBC, ABC, and CBS in the US; TF1, France 2, and Canal+ in France; and CCTV1 and CCTV2 in China.
  • Monitoring any brand or topic mentioned by applying natural language processing (NLP) technologies in more than 61 languages
  • Recording and processing 52,000 hours of content per day and delivering 1.4 billion lines of text per month

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Written by Franck Fitoussi