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Franck Fitoussi - Dec 13, 2017

Introducing Digimind Social’s Estimated Reach: Better Predict the Impact of Your Online Mentions

Estimated Reach provides the most realistic estimate of the exposure a topic receives on social platforms, as opposed to simple community size calculations that overestimate the impact of your mentions.

Digimind is excited to launch a new metric available now in our social media listening and analytics tool, Digimind Social: Estimated Reach. The proprietary calculation predicts and evaluates the true impact of your online conversations and campaigns. Social platforms and analytics tools offer a more traditional calculation which only takes into account the total subscribers of a social account. With Digimind's new proprietary algorithm, we evaluate how many people actually read a post or mention. The result is a metric which takes into account several key factors for each channel.

Estimated Reach vs. Audience: Which is most accurate?

In reality, not all followers and subscribers of a social account or news site see all of your posts. In fact, on Twitter, only 3 to 10% of your followers are exposed to your tweets at a given time. Many factors affect the true reach of your content.

This is why Digimind has developed its unique measure of Estimated Reach. Digimind Social’s proprietary metric provides the most realistic estimate of the exposure a topic receives on social platforms through:

  • 20 years of experience in web and social data analysis
  • An integration of many predictive factors into the algorithm
  • A synthesis of several measures within a single indicator

Estimated Reach: How does it work for brands and agencies?

This Estimated Reach metric allows you to:

  • Better measure the reputation of your brands with an assessment of the actual impact of the posts produced by the media and your communities
  • Perfect the evaluation of buzz and its impact on your brand
  • Better gauge the true magnitude of crises by accurately measuring the reach of posts to produce an appropriate response
  • Enhance ROI calculation for your marketing influencers actions
  • Better analyze the performance of your campaigns, getting a more accurate reach for your target audiences. Brice Vinocour, a Marketing Manager at Facebook, explains: "In a digital era characterized by better targeting and customization of advertising, reach is one of the key success factors of media campaigns. With branding campaigns, for example, optimizing the purchase on the reach rather than clicks or actions can ensure a better return on investment.”

Find out for yourself how Estimated Reach can help you create more effective marketing strategies!

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Written by Franck Fitoussi