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Sophia Guan - Mar 8, 2019

Fueling Marketing Strategies with Social Intelligence

In fact, Over 100 high level marketers from Jakarta’s leading local and international brands, including Bank Mandiri, Bulakapak, MNC Media, Nestlé, Kanmo Group, Tata Motors, and more gathered for an evening of networking, food, and chats on how to use social intelligence to inform marketing strategies and campaigns.

In this day and age, data is widely available in multiple different formats, across an array of channels. In fact, not having data is no longer the problem. Instead vast amounts of data has created a new problem – how do you organize all this information in a way that makes sense? In fact, a poll amongst attendees showed that data analysis and management was a key challenge faced by Indonesian marketers when it came to social media listening and analytics, followed by defining objectives and KPIs.


Key Takeaways

Identifying and Evaluating Influencers

Sufi Rafa’ee, Country Lead Indonesia for Digimind, kicked off the presentations with an overview on how companies who leverage social media monitoring can stay ahead of competitors through real-time consumer insights. He went on to discuss how companies can use social listening to identify, benchmark, and evaluate influencers.

With an ever growing pool of influencers online, 61% of brands struggle to find the right influencer to partner with for campaigns. Sufi recommended marketers to start with four big questions:

  1. What is your campaign objective?
  2. What are you campaign KPIs?
  3. What are your keywords?
  4. What are your filters / coverage?

With these answers as a starting point, social media monitoring tools can assist organizations by giving them the ability to:

  • Identify relevant influencers based on brand and community relevance  
  • Benchmark influencers based on competitor strategies, authenticity, and audience engagement
  • Evaluate impact on brand awareness, engagement, and sales

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Optimizing Marketing Campaigns with Social Intelligence

Shandhi Widjaja, Business Development Director and Firstalina Wardini, Account Director at Ideoworks took the stage next to share best practices on how companies can optimize marketing campaigns with social listening. They spoke about ways to gather and analyze data to understand market share, brand awareness, brand affinity, as well as how to discover influencers and advocates, and consumer insights. Firstalina concluded by reminding guests that in a world of data, companies need to leverage this gold mine to gain a competitive advantage and constantly improve marketing strategies.

Driving Super-Apps with Data

The final speaker of the afternoon was Aaron Gomez, VP of Digital Strategy, Go-Jek, who presented proven examples of how the brand placed data in a mix of creativity and technology to create localized solutions for problems or needs. With more than 108 million app downloads, data collected around usage patterns allowed the team to discover patterns in human behavior.

Aaron highlighted the importance of connecting with consumers on a human level, by first combining data and creativity, then layering insights, emotions, and cultural nuances on top. It’s an attested fact that people are more than twice as likely to love a brand, and 1.8 times more likely to recommend it, if they perceive the brand to be more human-like. Taking a look at the brand’s perception, it’s no surprise that with this formula, Go-Jek has won the hearts of Indonesians not just with their app services, but also their sincere, witty, humanized marketing campaigns.

Thanks to our guests and speakers for making our first ever #SocializeJakarta such a success! See you at the next event. In the meantime, check out the Socialize Jakarta photo album, and tag yourselves!

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Written by Sophia Guan

With a background in marketing and psychology, Sophia loves to analyze and understand consumer behaviour through observations and data. After hours you’ll find her practicing yoga or baking sourdough.