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Melissa Chue - Dec 6, 2016

Definition🎁 : "Social ROI" for MRM//McCann Singapore - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

On Day 5 of our Digital Marketing Calendar, MRM//McCann Singapore's Head of Social, Jim Guzman, fills us in what Social ROI is, and what metrics are important to track. 

🎈 What is "Social ROI"?

Social ROI is about tracking and measuring the performance of your social media campaigns and activities – does it meet client objectives? Does it help build brand opinion? Does it justify the time and money invested on the platform?

In the end, it’s about seeing how it contributed to the overall success of the brand.

🔎 What are the key metrics marketers should focus on?

Understanding the role of social in the marketing mix is key. Only then can marketers pinpoint which platform to activate for each campaign. Social media listening can also glean a wealth of information about a brand’s customers and online reputation, both on their owned social media channels as well as on the web. With these added insights, marketers can optimize their social strategies.


Reach: Are your content and campaigns reaching a wider audience on social?

Engagement: These days, it’s not just about the number of followers on your social media channels, but how many are actually regularly engaged by your content.

Influence: How much did your initiatives affect the mindset – or the purchase behaviour – of your audience on social?

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