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Charlotte Desrosiers - Dec 5, 2016

Definition🎁 : "Gamification" for Sony Interactive Entertainment France - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

A new week, a new marketing term to uncover. This Monday, we continue with our daily Digital Marketing Advent Calendar release with the definition of "Gamification". Richard Brunois, Director of Communication at Sony Interactive Entertainment France, gives his take on what it is and how brands can use it:

🎈 Defining "Gamification" 

Gamification is about taking what's unappealing and making it playful. Make passivity interactive and you will generate commitment from individuals who naturally wouldn't otherwise.

🔎 How to master it  

PlayStation is a leading brand in interactive entertainment and much of its communication is based on gaming. With a very active, even very responsive community, the PlayStation Voice consists of its own tones of humour, technology and innovation.

Here are 2 instances of Sony's digital communications strategy which used gamification to the brand's advantage.

Example 1: The PlayZONE featured an influencer to bring to life memories of various playthroughs and characters, offering a new experience similar to virtual reality.


Example 2: On the French PlayStation Twitter account, followers were treated to a dash of nostalgia when the  16th anniversary of the PS2 was announced. The question, "What are your best memories on the console" also sparked many interactions from fans who were nostalgic for the old days of gaming.


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