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Melissa Chue - Dec 25, 2016

Definition🎁: "Social Media Intelligence" - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

It's Christmas and the last day of our Digital Marketing Advent Calendar! We're here with a last key definition for 2017 - "Social Media Intelligence" from Forrester's Social Intelligence Playbook for 2016.

🎈 Defining "Social Media Intelligence"

"The management and analysis of customer data from social sources, used to activate, measure, and recalibrate marketing and business programs."

🔎 In practice 

"Social listening is how you gather social data, but social intelligence is the action that drives marketing or business strategy from information found in social media discussion. It involves gathering, processing, and deriving insight from social media to improve the marketing cycle and other strategic initiatives, including product development and customer experience refinement. The savvy marketer is out creating content for customers, building communities and fan pages, staffing Twitter accounts, and writing blogs; data from these sources must be fed back to the organization to make smart business decisions."

"Social intelligence starts with social listening: It pulls in social media, processes it, and delivers actionable customer insight. Listening platforms serve the primary function of gaining insight from social media data, but they are just the technology that supports social intelligence. Because there is such rich information derived from social media data, social intelligence application fragments into a broad variety of functions and involves people across the enterprise. At early stages, social insights impact the PR and marketing teams, then move to teams like customer service and product development to establish more robust social intelligence. These cross-enterprise impacts occur in three main categories:

- Monitoring and Information

- Marketing Optimization

- Intelligence Across the enterprise" 

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Written by Melissa Chue

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