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Sophia Guan - Aug 20, 2020

6 Ways Consumer Insights Improve Customer’s Experiences

Can you remember when you had a bad experience with a company and decided almost immediately after to give them another chance? The answer, most likely, is no. Bad experiences leave a lingering bitter taste in our mouths and our likely course of action following such interactions would be to look for alternatives.


While customer satisfaction will rarely be 100%, it’s important for businesses to continually improve their efforts, especially when 73% of companies with above-average customer experience perform better financially than their competitors.


Here’s are 6 case studies from Digimind clients, who have used consumer insights from social media listening to leverage their businesses and deliver above-average customer experiences:


  1. Improve Customer Experience
  2. Develop New Services
  3. Address Customer Issues
  4. Improve Quality of Customer Service
  5. Improve Response Times
  6. Optimize Customer Journey


1. Improve Customer Experience


A luxury hotel chain needed to ensure a high level of customer experience excellence, especially to improve ratings on consumer review sites such as TripAdvisor.


The team set up a customized dashboard on their social media listening tool, with insights segmented into 15 categories, including customer requests and concerns pertaining to each of their 80 hotels in 80 countries. This enabled the hotel’s digital managers to collect and respond to feedback posted on social media and consumer rating platforms in a timely manner.


One digital manager realized that carpet and rug cleanliness was a recurring topic of discussion. The hotel launched an initiative to have carpets changed every day, resulting in a sharp decrease in the amount of negative feedback posted on the subject.



2. Develop New Services


One of Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing companies, with a fleet of approximately 700,000 drivers and 50 million users, placed a high importance on maintaining its market position by ensuring its services continue to meet their customers’ ever-changing needs.


Through social media listening, the company was able to:

  • Identify key trends and target audiences
  • Track online discussions which helped to form an understanding of its competitors’ strategies and market opportunities
  • Identify potential new services that can be developed
  • Break down the user experience of their mobile app
  • Make strategic decisions to achieve their goals, as well as better meet their users’ needs



The ride-hailing brand analyzed online discussions to understand their competitors’ strategy, and how they could take advantage of the situation. Based on insights collected, they decided to launch a new service to help local taxi companies book trips instead of launching a new service in head-to-head competition with a national taxi company.

This strategy proved beneficial, as it led the brand to initiate a partnership with the top taxi company in one of their key markets. Through their active use of social media listening, and analysis of more than 150,000 mentions, the brand successfully launched 10 new services and 3 key partnerships, including new payment and delivery features and partnerships with car maintenance and car cleaning companies.




3. Address Customer Issues


A European telecom operator leveraged Digimind Social to help strengthen customer relationships, by detecting key insights pertaining to the group’s business units, including their mobile telecommunications services, and their internet services. The aim was to improve customer experiences on key issues (network quality, account management, etc.), collect insights on major services (fiber installation, moving house, etc.) and rename their product offerings for greater clarity.



The company created dedicated sections on their social listening platform to help differentiate between business units, and facilitate internal collaboration and exchanges.

Analysis of key insights from social media channels and forum postings that were related to both the brand and its competitors was also carried out, to determine key discussion topics and consumer issues.

Over 620,000 mentions were analyzed relating to the purchasing experiences. After applying solutions based on consumer insights discovered on Digimind, the company experienced:

  • 5% increase in positive mentions as a result of improved customer relationships
  • 4% lesser mentions around service termination




4. Improve Quality of Customer Service


A leading insurance company in Europe wanted to strengthen customer relations and increase customer satisfaction.


They monitored customer complaints on social networks using Digimind Social to allow teams to quickly resolve them and prevent them from escalating into potential crises.

Algorithms within the tool allowed the company to determine overall sentiment of conversations around their brand in real time. Other functions within the tool allowed them to respond directly to complaints without leaving the platform, and leverage collaborative functionalities such as assigning mentions to customer care representatives, adding comments, and more.

Additionally, the client was also able to create content to help optimize their company’s employer branding, based on key conversation trends around corporate image and employee perception.


Through the use of a social media listening tool, customer care teams were able to reduce their response time by better identifying customer complaints and improve the brand's tone of voice.





5. Improve Response Time


A retail company was looking to differentiate itself from strong competitors like Amazon, through improving customer relations.


The brand set up its social media listening tool to monitor customer complaints on social media. Messages were classified by importance and theme to prioritize response time. An alert system was also configured based on negative keywords used by customers to further improve response rate.


  • 15,000 posts processed per month
  • 29% decrease in negative mentions
  • 7% improvement in response time




6. Optimize the Customer’s Journey


An online travel agent wanted to optimize key stages of the customer’s journey, namely:

  1. Before the trip (information gathering and bookings)
  2. During the trip
  3. After the trip (customer service) 



The brand monitored posts by users on social media, blogs, and forums. These posts were classified by stages in the customer’s journey via a tagging system, as well as key KPIs such as sentiment.


Through social media listening, the brand was able to monitor the quality of its customer service, products offered, and brand image. The platform was then integrated via an API to engagement solution & CRM partners. This integration allowed the company to better track aspects of quality of service and to control, such as:

  • Processing time
  • Volume and seasonality of discussions
  • Time spent on following up with a query
  • Reasons for contact
  • Distribution of mentions by type of customer service subject



  • 1.5 stars earned on Trustpilot, a consumer review site
  • Over 1,500 posts processed every month via the brand’s CRM platform
  • 32% increase in positive mentions





Download a copy of these cases studies along with tips on how your company can enhance customer experiences with consumer insights in our guide!


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Written by Sophia Guan

With a background in marketing and psychology, Sophia loves to analyze and understand consumer behaviour through observations and data. After hours you’ll find her practicing yoga or baking sourdough.