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Jerome Maisch - Dec 21, 2016

Definition🎁: "Influencer Marketing" - Digital Marketing Advent Calendar

This Wednesday, WhoWhatWear's Business Intelligence Analyst, Alex McLaughlin, defines "Influencer Marketing" for us.

🎈 Defining "Influencer Marketing" in the social media age

Influencer marketing is a marketing technique that leverages individuals, rather than traditional advertising outlets, to reach highly concentrated groups within an audience rather than an entire audience at once. These individuals, known as influencers, have the unique ability to leverage their personal connection with those consumers and lead them to conversion through individualized testimonials, personal style curation, and product demonstration.

🔎 In practice 

At CMG we built our INF Network to include over 60 influencers that encompass a wide range of backgrounds and interests.  We strategically leverage these tastemakers to reach communities in a very targeted way based on campaign goals. In practice, this means serving display ads on their personal blogs and sharing content via a variety of their owned social channels. These activities grant us the ability to increase our reach on a highly specific target audience.
Influencers are also innately better than brands at creating personal and authentic content that has the ability to develop strong relationships with their audience. When influencers naturally incorporate products and services that they stand behind into their content, they are able to transfer their opinions into brand affinity - something our partners absolutely crave.

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