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Melissa Chue - May 29, 2017

Delivering Stand Out Customer Experiences | CMO Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2017

The second day of CMO Innovation Summit saw marketing decision makers from Hong Kong gathering to discuss more upcoming digital marketing trends, as well as hear from a stellar line-up that included Forrester Research, Google, and Marriott International.

CMO Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2017

In Summary of the Event:

  • Content is king, but distribution is queen; make full use of the content you create by sharing it across your omni-channel network, such as re-purposing content across different social media platforms
  • Buy-in remains the biggest challenge for marketers, and improving customer experience should remain a priority
  • Delivering stand-out customer experiences demands a new approach, one that is data driven
  • While majority of a brand’s sales happens offline, marketers should give customers a reason to purchase online as well
  • How to make your customer experience stand out: deliver a continuous experience, find content and services that will help, be entrepreneurial, and define your promise - don’t forget to surprise and delight them from time-to-time

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Trending Topics at CMO Innovation Summit Hong Kong

Looking at our Key Topics module, “omnichannel”, “content marketing” and “customer loyalty” were the top subject for delegates. Forrester Research, Marriott International also trended for their engaging discussions.

CMO Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2017 Key Concepts

Top Influencers at CMO Innovation Summit Hong Kong

CMO Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2017 Trend

With conversations on Twitter soaring in the morning, let’s take a look at our top influencers at the summit:

Twitter influencers at CMO Innovation Summit Hong Kong 2017

Kudos to Y&R AsiaKaren Tam and Mun Yin Liu for sharing the day’s insights with the Twittersphere!

Written by Melissa Chue

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