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Graeme Anderson - Nov 8, 2017

New on Digimind Social: Interaction Analysis to boost your social media ROI and reporting!

Our R&D team is continuously improving Digimind Social to offer the most complete and powerful Social Intelligence tool on the market, allowing digital professionals to achieve their business goals.

Interaction indicators are key at every stage of the marketing process. We are thrilled to announce the addition of a new metric available on our Digimind Social Listening module, 'Interactions in Listening,' covering a deep interactions analysis to better sort through the top performing mentions and influencers!

But, what does this mean for brands and agencies?

Social Media Interactions: An Essential KPI

Social media interactions, the sum of likes, shares, and retweets, have remained one of the most commonly used KPIs by digital marketers for some time. In the marketing funnel, after brand reputation has been established and communities have been developed, the generation of interactions is essential.

Marketers must take many things into consideration when seeking to increase social interactions. How effective is each social media post in generating interactions? How widely distributed is a campaign? Is the brand being mentioned by users outside of the brand’s social media followers? What are the criteria for selecting influencers? All of these outstanding questions led Digimind to launch a new interactions feature. This innovation increases the range of indicators available within the tool for measuring the ROI of social media actions. The indicator aggregates likes, shares, and retweets in order to summarize overall commitment levels and inform social media strategies.

Enhanced Qualitative Mentions

Interaction analysis is an additional tool to understand the performance of mentions over time. Now you can sort mentions by interactions (in addition to date, audience, relevance, and similar mentions) and thus can better understand the conversations of your target audience.

Precise Quantitative Analysis

Analysis by interactions also brings an additional quantitative metric for understanding a brand’s online reputation. You can now say, “in the last 3 weeks, 120,000 users have mentioned the brand resulting in 8.3 million interactions,” for example.

Gaining a Global Understanding of Interactions

The interactions feature allows brands to gain a global understanding of the details of their social media interactions, through both total and estimated visibility. With this information, brands and agencies can more accurately measure the audience potential and virality of a message or promotion.

Measuring Influencer Marketing

Measuring total interactions allows for more detailed detection of influencers based on the popularity and audience potential of their social posts and publications.

Measuring Interactions: Applications to optimize your ROI

The new interactions KPI allows your brand to:

  • Improve the segmentation of messages and communities for precise analysis
  • Measure brand reputation with additional data related to viral impact and message propagation
  • Refine the relevance of the performance measurement of campaigns evaluated by reach, mentions, and interactions
  • Strengthen crisis management by accurately evaluating the effect of each message and adapt social media strategy accordingly
  • Improve evaluations of content marketing by accurately understanding the success of publications
  • Detect emerging trends beyond the simple metric of number of mentions
  • Calculate the value of influencers more easily

Are you wondering how interactions KPIs can benefit your digital strategy? Try Interaction Analysis for Free!

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Written by Graeme Anderson