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Jerome Maisch - Mar 16, 2012

Whogotfunded.com - the world's largest venture capital database

After months of intensive work we're preparing to unveil whogotfunded.com, the world's largest and most comprehensive venture capital database. It's the only website allowing people to track high-potential start ups who have recently received funding. When it launches in April it will soon become the number one source for finding out what's happening in the fast-moving, global venture capital scene. We developed the site to speed up access to information about global funding events and if the rapid growth of our subscription list is any indicator, we’re filling a huge demand.

Information is the currency of the new competitive landscape and global enterprises depend on having fast access to reliable data that informs better, strategic decision-making. As well as benefiting VCs and entrepreneurial firms looking to raise capital, the site will also be an invaluable resource for M&A directors looking to find and evaluate potential acquisition or merger opportunities.

The website automatically extracts data from Twitter, web news and The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The database is updated every minute in real-time, providing information as it happens. In addition, more than 2 million news stories are analyzed every day to bring you details of the latest venture capital transactions and deals closed.

The ambitious project was led by Digimind’s CEO, Paul Vivant, in association with Daedalus, a Spanish company that specializes in text mining. It's a further example of Digimind’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative new products that drive business success.

“This is an exciting new venture for Digimind, involving our core expertise in collecting and analyzing large unstructured data and converting it into actionable information. Our ability to monitor, extract and structure digital content has proven to drive better informed decision-making for our clients.” (Paul Vivant, Digimind CEO)

Whogotfunded.com is the only website of its kind in the world, facilitating expansive searches by location, industry and company name.


  • Identify high potential start-ups by industry or location
  • Conduct company searches
  • Track investors

The site will be fully operational in April but we are urging people to register on the site now to start receiving updates as soon as it goes live. Register today at www.whogotfunded.com and stay on top of the latest VC deals taking place from San Francisco to Singapore.

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Written by Jerome Maisch

Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover