As the presidential coverages continues, we have setup our own in-house war room to monitor all the debates.

Along with the millions of viewers who gathered around their TV’s to catch the 3rd Republican debate on Tuesday, October 28th, Digimind analyzed the results over social media. We examined the #GOPDebate across social networks on various key topics: the candidates, policy topics, top trends and Tweets.

Top Mentioned Candidates


You can see some familiar names front lining the mentions. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both exceeded 120,000 mentions; however, you can see Marco Rubio exceedingly increase in mentions. It will be interesting to see the mentions now compared to the future debates.


Most Discussed Topics

Here we see the most discussed topics on social media. Health care leading the pack in popularity, with other major topics following such as employment, security, and fantasy football.


Top Terms Candidates


People had different things to say about each candidate and you can see in this chart what the top terms were for these candidates.




Here are the demographics in correlation to people speaking about the candidates on social media.


Top 10 Tweets


And finally, we have the top 10 Tweets that were mentioned during the #GOPDebate.


Check out the stats on the Democratic debate from October 13th here:

Stay tuned for the next upcoming debates, as Digimind will be covering them!




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