Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the season’s biggest shopping days, have come and gone, with some of Asia’s biggest online retailers coming on board with campaigns to entice shoppers.



Starting on 27 November (Black Friday), many were excited about the “effortless shopping” promised by e-retailers, with some even mentioning their favourite brands and items which they planned to splurge on.


Online fashion retailer Zalora got the most share of voice on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at 44% and 26% respectively. Unsurprisingly, it was the ladies who were the most excited to shop, shop, shop, with 64% share of voice against the boys!



So which retailers topped the shopping list on social media? 

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Zalora, luxury brands retailer Reebonz and beauty retailer Luxola scored the most Likes, Comments and Shares on their social media channels, with majority of interactions happening on Black Friday.

Let’s take a closer look at the social media campaigns that you, the consumer, gave the thumbs up of approval for!



It’s clear that Instagram ruled for Zalora, as both their top performing posts were on the photo sharing platform. Zalora’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday posts on Instagram gained 261 interactions and 251 interactions respectively, bringing interaction on that social channel up by 10%.

Black Friday Publications 1

While not related to Black Friday, Zalora’s Instagram post (259 Likes and 2 comments) on the timely Edwin watch launch (pun unintended) helped raise interest in a new product, while offering fans a sneak peek into an exclusive product launch.

Cyber Monday Publications 1

Their timely reminder to check out their online sale on Cyber Monday (251 Likes) revived fans’ interest after the peak period on Black Friday. We dare say re-posting an influencer’s photo helped a bit!


While Reebonz posted actively on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it was Facebook and Instagram that garnered the most interactions for the online luxury retailer – 88% and 12% respectively over the weekend.

Black Friday Publications 2

Reebonz banked on its attractive discount and quality merchandise to draw the crowd on social media. And at a whopping 1,000 Likes and 11 shares, it looks like it paid off!

Cyber Monday Publications 3

Conversations however quietened on Cyber Monday, as the top performing post on Instagram belonged to their weekly 50 credits giveaway campaign.


Likewise, Luxola’s most interactive post was their Black Friday promotion post on Facebook. Interestingly, fans interacted with them only on Black Friday and Cyber Monday; we think it had something to do with fans asking about system glitches and Luxola’s frequent replies.

Black Friday Publications 3

Black Friday trumps Cyber Monday

Overall, Black Friday marked the peak period in conversations, as mentions on social media dipped steadily until Cyber Monday. Facebook and Instagram, with their shopper friendly and visual centric layouts, remained the top social media platforms for brands to promote their online sales and for fans to interact with them, whether it was to tell their friends about the fantastic prices or to make enquires.

Let’s see which brands make it to the top our Christmas lists next!



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