Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow – accompanied by creativity of all sorts, cuddles, and a little contempt.  It’s an expressive time on the internet, full of users professing both love and hate for romance, roses, and pizza.  We monitored social conversations on Valentine’s Day this past month to take a closer look at the buzz.

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Without much surprise, Chocolate drew lots of Valentine related conversations (because what would Valentine’s Day be without copious amounts of sugar?). Regardless of who they are- whether it’s mom, hubby, the family dog, or even the self- Valentines are special (14,389), and people are ready to spend.  Etsy was mentioned frequently throughout the past month, frequented by gift-givers thinking outside of the box. A peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items, Etsy serves as a mecca for folks looking to buy something extra unique.  And of course, the message. People are on the lookout for cards (8,458) that perfectly summed up their sentiments, and the internet was full of all sorts of them. Here are some of our favorites:



And now, back to chocolate.  We monitored some of our favorite chocolate brands to see how the competition is playing out.  Social Media has spoken, it looks like Godiva is a V-Day favorite. The brand comprised 29% share of mentions, with Hershey’s following closely.

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February 14th is just as much Singles Awareness Day as it is Valentine’s.  This conversation breakdown indicates that singles are loud and proud, comprising 34% of the buzz this year.  Following closely behind, men were mentioned 10,747 times this past month in conjunction with Valentine’s Day.

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Still don’t believe us that social media is enamored?  Take a look for yourself.  Users expressed this sentiment 89,315 times in the past month.  Negative sentiments, such as loneliness or indifference, comprised a remarkably low share of mentions. Mentions about Valentine’s Day overall are 86% positive.what_classification (5)

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Love is clearly in the air and all over the the web.

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