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Jerome Maisch - Sep 2, 2016

Our top tweets of the week | 09.02.2016 #Epigate


This week we're sharing the top 5 tweets on the latest social media scandal #Epigate. This is a perfect example of a social media crisis  creating massive brand damage, as we talked about in a previous blog post.

The company, Mylan, received an enormous backlash recently for the high price of its patented EpiPen, which delivers epinephrine to treat potentially fatal anaphylactic shocks in those with allergies.

The issue blew up as thousands of people shared their stories of huge medical bills and their disdain for Mylan across Twitter and Facebook.

Here are the top 5 tweets on the issue, and if you're interested in using social media listening software to guard your brand against issues like this, try the free Digimind Social demo!


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Written by Jerome Maisch

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