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Jerome Maisch - Aug 26, 2016

Our top tweets of the week | 08.26.2016 #WhatsApp

This week the major instant messaging application #WhatsApp announced that it will be sharing user data with Facebook and display their advertisements. Here's a Techcrunch article on the subject.

This announcement has two major implications for marketers:

  1. Marketers and advertisers have a major new platform to reach consumers with
  2. WhatsApp will no longer be one of the bastions of privacy in the digital communication world

While the first implication is obvious - that those in the marketing and advertising business will need to develop best practices for advertising on WhatsApp - the second implication warrants a bit more explanation.

One of the value propositions for consumers using WhatsApp was the fact the organization had promised to never sell user data, or to advertise on the messaging platform. Following this change of heart, marketers will be watching WhatsApp's reported usage rates closely in the following months, to gauge how important this issue is to consumers.

So without further adieu, here are the top five tweets we found on the issue:



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Written by Jerome Maisch

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