Christmas came early this year. McDonald’s has finally answered the people’s desperate plea. All-Day Breakfast is officially here.

Now the big question is, what are people saying about it? Let’s find out!

McDonalds jpg

Some key points to note:

The gender ratio is fairly balanced with 51% men to 49% women talking about #alldaybreakfast, but the age demographic of 18 to 25 is much more significant than other age ranges.

As far as what media covered, Facebook and Twitter lead in the social sphere; however news and general web buzz most heavily covered the launch.

On a less favorable note, the conversation showed nine million conversations around negative sentiment, but that is very little compared to the 83 million conversations with positive sentiment. Looks like the United States really likes its breakfast!

But what exactly are people saying?

positive mentions 1.PNGnegative hashbrowns.PNG

Capture.PNGpositive mentions 2.PNG

Although the majority of tweets are positive about #alldaybreakfast, showcased are two positive and two negative mentions. Popular topics like the misunderstanding of the hashbrown not making the all day menu can be seen above.

Some of the trending items revolved around the #alldaybreakfast can be seen below.

McDonalds AllDay Breakfast -what_tag.png

We also dug even deeper to show the conversation around certain menu items that were the talk of the town.




Hash Browns


What do you think about #AllDayBreakfast ? Let us know!


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