Ever since Season 4 of Game of Thrones took to our screens on Sunday 8th April, much to the delight of GOT geeks across the globe, Digimind’s social media monitoring software has been inundated with requests to tell-all about one of the most talked-about scenes in HBO history: The Red Wedding. That’s right, we’re talking about Season 3’s sanguinary scene of slaughter which sent shockwaves through audiences across the world and left fantasy fans devastated and damaged like never before. With the launch of Season 4, and the traumatic closing scenes of Season 3 summoning sinister memories of Starks passed, here at Digimind, we ask: is social media in mourning?

First of all let’s take a look at how a handful of fantasy followers reacted to the excruciating scene in the aftermath of Season 3:

GOT S3 - Red Wedding reaction 1.pngPoor fellow, although he does realise GOT is fictional, right?


GOT S3 - Red Wedding reaction 2.pngAlthough statistics may not be her strong point, drama certainly is…


GOT S3 - Red Wedding reaction 3.pngWho knew it was possible to tweet from the afterlife?!

On a more social note, according to Mashable, “The Rains of Castamere” – which contained the notorious Red Wedding scene – was the most social episode of any HBO show – ever, with more than 700,000 mentions on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news sites and forums! What is more, the scene even scored it’s own hashtag #RedWedding, whilst the twitter account @RedWeddingTears continues to display a treasure trove of fan freak-outs, interminable tears and (empty) threats of ‘boycott’.

Is The Red Wedding still relevant?

Although the above reactions document the show’s short-term shock, how about the long-term Red Wedding repercussions, nine months down the line? Using Digimind’s social media monitoring software, Digimind Social, we recommenced our social media monitoring of those Red Wedding woes and discovered that, despite attempts to forget the frightful phenomenon, mass social media mentions make us think the mourning isn’t over just yet

According to our social listening stats, since Season 4 took to our screens, mentions of “Red Wedding” massacre continue to attract ample audiences across the social sphere:

GOT - Red wedding trend.png

The most surprising surges in audience attention came in the lead up to the Season 4 premiere (Apr 4 – 8), whilst the overall Potential Audience stands at a staggering 390 million for the past 10 days alone – wow!

What is the social sentiment surrounding the scene?

Digimind’s social media listening tool tuned-in to social sentiments surrounding The Red Wedding and found feelings to be mixed. Unsurprisingly, pangs of pain over the undeserved deaths of Robb and Catelyn Stark and Talisa (not to mention, her unborn child!), continued to be captured in the early weeks of season 4, with a large number of internauts expressing negative sentiments towards talk of the Red Wedding. Among them were high-hitting influencers such as The Huffington Post, whose negativity talked of internauts “nightmares from the infamous Red Wedding”:

social media listening #gameofthrones

Positivity came in the form of companies cottoning-on and capitalizing on The Red Wedding buzz, such as the Thrones-Themed cocktail, as recommended by The Wall Street Journal (we heard it was bloody good!) Whilst, other positive mentions came from thrones throwbacks of people praising the HBO bosses for such stunning cinematography…

GOT cocktail.png

How about the hashtag?

Interestingly, when Digimind’s social media monitoring tool analysed the social sentiments surrounding the official hashtag for the sickening scene, #redwedding, between April 4th and 14th, it seemed that the majority of hashtaggers were (still!) holding onto their #redwedding woes. Recent tweets tell of the torment, nearly one year on…

GOT - red wedding twitter.png

social media listening game of thrones

So, there you have it – your ultimate Red Wedding repercussion recap! And in case you’re wondering, in answer to my initial question: is social media still in mourning? Well, it seems that the answer is a resounding YES! Here’s hoping George R.R. Martin won’t have any more soul-destroying surprises up his sleeve in Season 4 – although, I don’t suppose they call him “GRRM” for nothing…

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