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Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Mar 15, 2016

The Digimind scoop on Social Media trends set to hit 2016 #SMWNYC

Social Media Week New York took place over 22- 26 February, attended by key players in the world of social, and we were there to have our say. If you haven’t had a chance to catch the last post on our Social Listening...
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Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Feb 29, 2016

Social Media's Top Performances at the #Oscars

The 88th annual Academy Awards aired Sunday night, drawing in 34 million viewers, had social media buzzing. From Leonardo DiCaprio's big win, to Lady Gaga's emotional performance, there was plenty to talk about online during...
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Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Feb 26, 2016

Digimind Celebrates Our New Asia Headquarters at #TuneInTelokAyer!

On 18th February 2016, on a busy street in Telok Ayer, we brought together digital marketing professionals, curious onlookers, an open bar and live music to celebrate the launch of our new headquarters in Asia.
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Melissa Chue | Asia Pacific - Feb 24, 2016

Infographic: Who are Southeast Asia's Leading Low Cost Carriers on Social Media?

Budget airlines may have a competitive edge over their flag counterparts in terms of pricing, but that doesn’t mean they have it easier when it comes to selling themselves online.
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Melissa Chue | Infographic - Feb 23, 2016

Infographic: Which Flag Carriers Soared on Social Media in Southeast Asia?

In some ways, flag carriers are a country’s brand to the world, their crew and ground staff ambassadors to their passengers. Like most industries, social media has evolved from a luxury to a digital front desk for the airline...
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Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Feb 12, 2016

Which Fashion Brands Dominated the #OOTD Game on Lunar New Year?

This week, the Lunar New Year graced our calendars and social media was abuzz with festivities.
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Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Feb 10, 2016

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Social Media Reacts to Super Bowl 50 Commercials

We bet you're still singing #puppymonkeybaby while snacking on some Doritos.
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Jerome Maisch | Build Strategy - Jan 15, 2016

Social Media Buzzes for the first #GOPDebate of 2016

The first #GOPDebate of the election year did not disappoint. With over 11 million viewers glued to Fox Business Network and almost one million tweets throughout the two hour period, it was clear that social media will be on...
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Melissa Chue | Build Strategy - Jan 4, 2016

3 Things Market Researchers Can Learn From "Find the Panda"

For the past couple of weeks, Gergely Dudás’ brainteasers have boggled people the world over. Like a modern version of Where's Waldo, "Find the panda among the snowmen" had people scratching their heads as they scoured the...
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Jerome Maisch | Analysis - Dec 31, 2015

The Top 2016 New Year's Resolutions Across the World [Infographic]

Another year is upon us which means we build our new list of resolutions and goals that we want to focus on and accomplish in 2016. Now that social media is around, many of us go to the social networks to share our resolutions...
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