The start of the week saw the Corporate Media Strategies Summit #CSMNY arrive in NYC, and once again we were amazed at the wealth of knowledge amassed and insights shared amongst our Social Meida Community. Of course attendees and influencers took to Twitter to share engaging content, afterall, what kind of community would we be if we kept all the smart info to ourselves and didn’t share with those that couldn’t attend.

Without further ado here are our top Tweets from the Summit.


Some great customer service and social success insights shared, ready to implement into any strategy! What are your thoughts? Is there anything you do differently that needs sharing?!

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Kyle Martinowich
Kyle is Director of Sales for Digimind North America. He knows all about nailing your Marketing ROI, Customer Care and Social Media. Watch this space for some real words of Social wisdom. Catch him on @Digi_Kyle or on


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