Today 90% of American adults carry a cell phone, 58% carry a smartphone, and 63% use their mobile device to go online.  Mobile usage for social networking continues to grow, as approximately 60% of the time currently spent on mobile devices is on social media.  What does this mean for marketers?

The penetration of smartphones has facilitated a growing reach that is extremely valuable to marketers who can understand mobile consumers well enough to communicate effectively to them.  New data shows that social media ad spend in the United States will top 8.5 billion this year, reaching nearly 14 billion by 2018.  Two-thirds of this will go to mobile, resulting in a 9.1 billion social-mobile market.

Raymond Greene, VP Director of Media Activation at Digitas, describes a mobile device as a “wearable extension of a person”.  Consumers do almost everything  differently on their devices than they do on their desktops, and marketers commonly make the mistake of enveloping both under the same digital ad strategy.  Boasting substantially higher click-through rates, and the ever-connected end user, mobile is different and here to stay. It only makes sense that social marketers switch from being mobile-aware to mobile-first.  Starting with a mobile-only campaign and scaling up from there is an example of a great start to ensuring that the medium is treated as a basic foundation to the bigger marketing strategy.


Jerome Maisch
Marketing Manager @digimindci. Passionate about big data & social marketing. Photography, music and hiking lover


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