The annual Mobile World Congress, which took place last week (Feb 24th – 28th 2014), provides the perfect platform for industry experts and globally-renowned gadget geeks, to nurture their networks, fuel their following and seal business deals. Hashtagged across social media networks as #MWC14, this year’s industry-defining event was, once again, hosted in Barcelona, at two spectacular venues: Fira Gran Via and Fira Montjuïc. As well as being a digital den for deal-making, the world-class conference showcases the mobile industry’s most in-demand devices – and this year was no exception!

Missed MWC 2014? Don’t fret, Digimind’s social media monitoring tool has surveyed the social media landscape to find out which brands were making waves at this year’s Mobile World Congress. What’s more, we share the latest social insights from MWC 2014: here’s what the brains behind the mobile brands (and the lovers of their labels) were buzzing about on social media networks last week…

1. Phone Furore

According to Digimind’s social media listening tool, the most talked-about telephone brand of the moment is Samsung, finishing the forum with 42% of all MWC mentions. Securing second, was Nokia, notching up 19% of total mentions, whilst Blackberry beat bêtes noirs, Sony, HTC, LG, Lenovo and ZTE, to third place, tallying 10% of mentions. Using Digimind Social’s advanced benchmarking analysis tool, it is possible to see an overview of each competitor’s social media performance during the Mobile World Congress, in the click of a button.

MWC - Phones Comparison.png

Now that we’ve worked out who is rocking the boat in the cell phone sector, how about finding out exactly what the techies of the telephone world are talking about? Enter the Digimind Social wordcloud:

MWC  Phones -what_tag.pngAccording to Digimind’s keyword analysis tool, which meticulously monitors all-things media, MWC words of the week, included: ‘Samsung Galaxy’, ‘Mobile’, ‘Blackberry’, ‘Android’ and ‘Iphone’. Interestingly, acknowledgements of ‘Apple’ fell short of the follower’s favourite: Samsung.

2. War of the Wearables

Samsung’s Gear Fit was the only wearable social was buzzing about during the Mobile World Conference, whilst “Samsung” and “Gear Fit” were the two most mentioned concepts in relation to “wearables”.  Despite being the most buzzed-about brand during MWC, just how positive really was public opinion surrounding Samsung products…

Digimind’s Sentiment Analysis tool allows social marketers, to quickly compare global public sentiment surrounding the Samsung brand. Using the multi-level analysis function, we have“zoomed-in” on the ‘Sentiment’ of Samsung Wearables during #MWC14, to see how the public are really reacting to them.

sentiment analysis MWC2014.jpg

Digimind Social says the 53% positive mentions are down to the following trio of triumphant timepieces

  1. Geeky gossip surrounding gadgets ‘Gear 2’ and ‘Gear 2 Neo’

  2. The release of long-awaited work-out wristband: ‘Gear Fit’

  3. Knox 2.0 takes the stage, giving IT shops cloud-based purchasing and control of all Samsung services and app

MWC 2014 - Positive Mentions (Samsung).png

The remaining 41% of not-so-sunny sentiments, according to top-ranking social media influencers, came down to utterances of ugliness:

  1. Second time’s a charm? First generation Galaxy Gear comes under fire for being less than fashion-forward

  2. The menace of Motorola: brand lets slip launch of smartwatch

  3. Bullish brands Nokia and HTC poke fun at ‘unsightly’ Samsung S5

MWC 2014 - Negative Mentions (Samsung).png

3. Zealous Zuckerberg Strikes Again

Weighing in on the annual action, was Facebook founder, Mobile World Congress keynote and recently proclaimed ‘mobile king’, Mark Zuckerberg. Not one to put his tuppence worth in – rather his $19 billion worth – Zuckerberg’s zesty speech on what warranted winning Whatsapp and why Snapchat’s not on his to-do list (for now), sent social media stats soaring.

MWC  Zuckerberg -when.png

However, according to Digimind’s social media monitoring tool, Zuckerberg’s sparkling speech, wasn’t the only reason for a peak in internaut interest. Whatsapp’s well-received voice call feature also won him a whopping reach of 36 million, but that’s another story…

Zuckerberg - Mentions.png

So, there you have it: the good, the bad and the ugly, from the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2014, brought to you by Digimind Social. If you would like to find out more about how you, too, can access insights on the social media inside track, click below to See a Live Demo, with a member of our international team.

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